Fit2B™ Beginning Workout Path

Fit2B Beginning Pathway of Basic Workouts -

Anyone is “Fit to Be” beginning this workout path!

After you complete the foundational five (F5) exercises videos which teach the basics, then it’s time for this clearly outlined path where you’ll begin to gradually increase time, workload and coordination in a gentle yet empowering way. Visualize the buttons below like stepping stones on a well-traveled pathway.

Review the Foundational Five F5 Here

Important Note: All of the workouts in this pathway offer TummySafe™ cues for those with diastasis recti. The goal for each week is to complete the exercise routines provided. The routines are meant to be spread out during your week. You’re not expected to do all the routines in one day. Sometimes, members repeat weeks over and over again if they don’t feel ready to move forward. Some like to do the routines in pieces, pausing a lot. Everyone is different. Skip the ones that you don’t like, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you get stuck or wish for an alternative workout recommendation. Give YOUR body what YOU need and move along when you feel ready. 

Week One: Do 4 short workouts + Sort Your Squatability!

Each week adds a bit more time and intensity. Repeat a week or a workout if you don’t feel ready to move on. There is no rush. This is about taking care of yourself.

Transverse Ab Training - 13:01

Ankles & Upper body - 10:49

Top 2 Toes - 11:08

Basic Aerobics - 12:34

Squat Prep - 11:23

Week One Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 10-15 minutes twice this week. Also, please read our newest blog here {click}.

Week Two: Do 4 slightly longer workouts + Stretch with Kelly!

These gentle routines should feel simple and straightforward. Do less or more as you feel able. Just one a day is fine. If one doesn’t feel like the right fit for that day, pick a different one. The order is up to you!

Transitions - 16:54

Walking Workout - 18:11

Cue Connections - 19:06

Kitchen Moves - 18:49 min

Kelly's Simple Stretches - 15:29

Week Two Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 15-20 minutes on 1-2 additional days.Go for a hike or bike ride … or just dance around the living room to your favorite tunes. Also, take a moment to check in with your core here.

Week 3: Do 4 slightly harder routines + Sort your Xiphoid Process

If you miss a day, you’re not allowed to beat yourself up or give up! You also aren’t allowed to pile extra on yourself in an attempt to “make up” the work because your body will respond negatively to that, and so will your mind. Just do the next thing tomorrow! No worries! It’s just a workout! 

Basic Aerobics III - 16:03

Ultimate Upper Body - 17:05

Wood Floor Workout - 21:46

Hipster Chair Moves - 18:13

The Xiphoid Process Routine - 21:20

Week Three Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 20-25 minutes on just one additional day. This can be cumulative, meaning that you do 10 minutes now and 15 later. Also, take time to read this blog by a member about her transition into our workouts using this pathway.

Week 4 Goal: Complete these 4 slightly longer routines + Explore Weird Weights

“Daily Doubles” are sports practices that occur at two different times per day. We utilize this principle in the Fit2B Advancing Path, so we’re introducing it here to prepare you at a lighter level. Do one routine each day for 3 days {not necessarily in the row} then do the daily double for a 4th day.

Basic Aerobics IV - 20:57

Hippy Yoga - 21:35

Pilates in Pajamas - 23:08

Balanced - 19:42

Weird Weights - 21:39

Week Four Bonus: Try to accomplish some light cardiovascular training for 25-30 minutes on two additional days.This can be cumulative, meaning that you do 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes after lunch.

Week 5 Goal: Complete these 4 routines + A Daily Double!

You are getting stronger, but keep going at your own pace and listening to your body. It’s okay to press pause & chunk the routines into pieces. After all, that’s how I first put them together and practiced them myself – I don’t start by doing these longer routines all at once. I practice them in pieces and then put them all together. If this week looks too challenging, repeat week 3 or 4 and only move forward when you feel strong in your current workout.

Defining Deltoids - 29:45

Plain Ol' Pilates - 26:06

Kelly's Total Body Toning - 27:04

Gentle Blend - 29:30

And here is the Daily Double – Try to do both in one day.

Push-Up Prep - 8:59

Stair Stretches - 8:22

Week 6 Goal: Complete 6 Fit2B routines of varying lengths + Get colorful!

In this final round of this 6-week pathway, we are going to add some extra brilliance from our popular color series. This week and last week contain moderately challenging routines as you prepare to advance. How you spread these out and the order in which you do them is entirely up to you. Enjoy!

Kelly's Floor Core Workout - 16:21

Any Blue Workout

Mermaid Mojo - 24:26

Tabata Tone & Stretch - 28:10

Any Orange Workout

Weightlifting 101 - 37:10

Week Six Bonus: Choose any enjoyable physical activity to do on your “off day” for any amount of time. Also, be sure to take some time to CLICK over to The Tummy Team this week, especially if you feel like your core still isn’t responding due to deeper dysfunction.

Proceed to the Advancing Path

If you don’t feel ready to progress, then pat yourself on the back for listening to your body! Consider repeating the last two weeks or CLICK HERE to schedule a consult with Bethany to discuss a more personalized workout plan. 

Fit2B Beginning Workout Path - - Fit2B knows busy moms struggle with how to exercise and still do all the things. We want your exercise plan to be full of fun workouts you look forward to as you return to fitness. That’s why we offer workout tips to help make your core strong in a safe way perfect for those recovering from diastasis recti. Click through to learn more and you’ll see how fitness at home can work for you! #fit2b #diastasis_recti #busy_moms #exercise_plan #workout_tips #core #core_workouts #fitness_at_home