Yoga is challenging for some and controversial for others. Find lots of workouts that don't involve yoga on
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Non Yoga Exercises

For various reasons, Yoga isn’t everyone’s dream workout.  Here at Fit2B we want each of our members to find the routines that uplift and encourage them, and we recognize that Yoga isn’t doable for some and sometimes controversial to others. Thus, this pathway has most of our routines that feature non yoga exercises + a […]


Fit2B from A – Z

    Challenge your body wisely today and enjoy progressive strength tomorrow. Organizing all our routines alphabetically is just one more way we’ve categorized everything Fit2B offers to make fitness, alignment and core strength easier for our members. Fit2B from A – Z Note: You can sample several of our routines by watching for ones that are this color (magenta […]

Get your heart rate up and keep it up with these fun cardio routines from
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Cardio Workouts

Cardio Workouts The surgeon general recommends at least 60 minutes of accumulated moderate to strenuous activity every day to keep our hearts and muscles and minds healthy. The following routines will nudge your heart rate well  past resting mode and help you break a gentle sweat. These routines are in no particular order, so be […]

Chair Routines: Sit and Get Fit with

Sit and Get Fit!

Life happens. Sometimes it’s a knee, hip or foot injury. Sometimes it’s a child who needs floor-time with you. Fit2B understands that. We’ve been there, so these routines allow our members to continue to strengthen their bodies with optional leg motions. Seated routines literally become a life-saver when you need a workout that honors lower-body […]

Pathway of Workouts to Amazing Arms for home fitness from Fit2B Studio
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Amazing Arms

Workout Pathway to Amazing Arms Take your upper body on a journey of movement that will reshape and redefine your arm muscles. Do one of these workouts at least twice per week for 6 to 8 weeks to start feeling beautiful results. These healthy motions can be part of your goal of doing at least 150 […]