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Fitness hacks are tips or tricks that help you accomplish a goal faster, more efficiently, usually with less waste and frustration. Fit2B Studio has expanded so much during her first 7 years of growth that – even though we have amazing pathway plans to help navigate the workouts + an awesome blog with loads of free info […]

 When there are deep wounds and scars that leave behind fascial adhesions and disconnect, it can be very hard for a woman to look at her tummy, let alone touch it. When you have a scar on your belly or abdominal fascia that won’t pull back together {or fascia that pulls too hard} practicing tummy […]

Here at Fit2B we provide subscription access to over 100 video routines that people use to supplement their home fitness workouts. When we first launched in 2010, it was initially very important to me to avoid using any props people would have to buy. I wanted to keep things as simple as possible for you, […]

Every personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and gym junkie has an opinion about what works best for the core: crunches, cardio, CrossFit, Pilates, Kegels, Yoga, or no crunches, no carbs, no Kegels, no CrossFit, and the debate rages on and on. This article provides 3 pinnable/printable workouts you can take to the gym as you attempt […]

Squatting is thought to be the simplest way to work your core abdominal muscles and lower body and legs PLUS your pelvic floor BUTT (mispelling intended since squats work your glutes) BUT many people do them wrong and approach them incorrectly. And if you squat poorly, you won’t get the results you want like a […]

    Challenge your body wisely today and enjoy progressive strength tomorrow. Organizing all our routines alphabetically is just one more way we’ve categorized everything Fit2B offers to make fitness, alignment and core strength easier for our members. Fit2B from A – Z Note: You can sample several of our routines by watching for ones that are this color (magenta […]

Welcome to The Core of Fit2B Studio  This is where we like everyone to begin their journey with Fit2B. We call this page the “Foundational Five” or “F5” pathway because each section has 5 parts. The 3 buttons below will give you a solid foundation rebuild, reclaim and restore your body from the inside out.  “Wow, just been doing the […]

  Crunches are thought of as the most simple, easy-peasy go-to exercise for your belly muscles. Turns out, they require a fair amount of technique training to do properly without bulging the very area you may be trying to flatten. Not that we’re opposed to curves around here; I’ve got a few natural ones myself, […]