How to workout with Battle Ropes at home: Video Tutorial

Standing Arm + Ab Workout with Battle Ropes -

I had never planned to learn how to workout with battle ropes at home until the day a friend offered some up for sale for $40 and I just knew I had to have them. It was right in the middle of April 2020 – so early lockdowns – and my daughter was with me when I drove to my friends house, walked up to her front porch, tucked the cash under her doormat as instructed, and proudly picked up my armful of future fitness fun.

5 Reasons I love Battle Ropes

I’ve got a short video for you to watch for free below that shows XXX and YYY, but here’s why I really enjoy doing battle ropes exercises as part of my home workouts:

  1. My arms got instantly more toned.
  2. They are an excellent standing arm & core workout for people who want ab exercises for Diastasis Recti.
  3. They are so uniquely challenging yet fun, so I look forward to their station on my circuit.
  4. They get me outside for Vitamin D because – unlike a gym – I have to store & use them outside.
  5. People drive over them, they get dirty, they get rained on, and they don’t break.
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Tips for How to Workout with Battle Ropes at Home:

Here are a few tips for setting up and learning how to do a battle rope workout at home, but please watch the video below for clear instructions + do our workout here!

    • Get a set of battle ropes – You can save money on them by putting the word out on social media that you’re wanting a used pair, looking on craigslist or FB marketplace, and watching for sales on Amazon for ones like these.
    • You want a set that is at least 1.5 inches wide and 30 feet long. Mine is 2″ and 40′ which makes them harder to use and store, but they’re a fun challenge for me.
    • Hold your torso really lengthened – staying tall through your spine – but keep your knees a little bent (or a lot for more leg/glute work)
    • Avoid wiggling your hips, but do play with foot-work once you get the hang of the arm + core coordination.
    • Watch the video for many more tips for using battle ropes, especially if you have Diastasis Recti so that this standing arm + ab exercise pays off without injury!

Want to do a quick battle rope workout with me?

We’ve talked about how to workout with battle ropes at home. if you have yours ready to go, I’d love to have you join me for this short Diastasis-Aware exercise video we made! Normally, I do 45-seconds of battle roping as one station out of 10 in my home fitness circuit, but for the Fit2B workout video we filmed, I put a bunch of rope work together. It’s a doozy and feels amazing!

Battle Rope Blast: Standing Arm & Core Workout

Battle Ropes Workout Video About Fit2B Membership

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Do you have battle ropes at home? Have you ever tried some at a gym? Do you like them? If you have diastasis recti, how did the battle ropes feel to your core when you used them? If you’re good at them, what tips can you offer to others who want to learn how to workout with battle ropes at home? Thank you!

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