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What is TummySafe Fitness for Diastasis Recti?

TummySafe Fitness is unique to Fit2B where we have almost 200 videos for subscribers to explore and exercise!

What is “tummysafe fitness” for diastasis recti exactly? Originally coined by my colleague and good friend, Kelly Dean of The Tummy Team, the term means that every exercise reinforces and increases your core strength without involving any crunches or crunch-like motions, nor any unmodified planks, and especially no jack-knifing motions, curl-ups or sit-ups. Putting together a core-strengthening protocol that works the abs without those motions might stymy less-experienced fitness practitioners, but not us! In fact, every workout I’ve designed for Fit2B since 2011 has been TummySafe for those dealing with any type of abdominal trauma, not just diastasis recti

Copyright 2015 - Fit2B - All Rights Reserved - Click image for more info on fitness for diastasis from The Tummy Team (affiliate link)
Copyright 2015 – Fit2B – All Rights Reserved – Click image for more info on fitness for diastasis from The Tummy Team (affiliate link)

Getting people back to moving their whole bodies after rehabbing their abs is our speciality. Some are literally afraid to exercise at all after completing certain programs, for fear of re-opening their gap. They’re not sure how to re-enter the fitness world, and they’re certain they’ll undo all their hard work of healing their traumatized tummy if they go back to their favorite yoga or Pilates class or – gasp – start lifting weights again. But that’s not the case. Fit2B now has almost 200 videos that teach our subscribers how to do all those things with confidence based on the right modifications and progressions.

We use a lot of vertical and sideways training methods, but we also teach a lot of prone positions (face down) with specialized cueing to be sure our members are connecting with their whole bodies, but especially their transverse abdominus and pelvic floor muscle group. I use a lot of different word pictures and analogies you can relate to, so that you can feel what I’m talking about in the videos.

Your breath and alignment are central to every motion. There are many saying it now, but I learned it 5 years ago from Kelly: Exhale to engage before the exhertion. It’s the first thing I teach you how to do in our first “Foundational Five” video. Breathe out as you draw your navel gently inward BEFORE you lift your kid, get something off the top shelf, squat to pick up socks, curl the dumbbell, etc.

TummySafe Fitness is unique to Fit2B where we have almost 200 videos for subscribers to explore and exercise!
click this image to visit our TummySafe Abdominal workouts section. Copyright 2015 – Fit2B – All rights reserved.

Because that’s the real point of tummysafe fitness for diastasis recti and other tummy-related problems such as incontinence, bloating, hernia, and chronic back pain, right? Real life, right? We don’t want our fitness program tearing us apart, and we don’t want it leaving us too tired to sit up straight!

After all, if you only move the right way when you’re working out with me or your trainer/instructor, it won’t be enough to counteract all the wrong ways you move through the rest of you day if you’re slouching and slumping around. That alignment stuff really affects your abs, and thus alignment is the 3rd video in our “Foundational Five” series where we start each new member.

As I’m in our workout videos, encouraging you to move and discussing proper form and conjuring creative images to get it all to click in your head, I’m also talking to you about how each move translated into your everyday, walking around, normal, crazy life.

We only have one, you know. One life, one body, one core. Replacement parts are quite expensive! Oh, but there are daily chances to have do-overs and do better, right? That divine mercy is new every morning, so if you’ve been shredding yourself apart in your fitness regimen, only to wake up aching and bloated the next day, perhaps it’s time for something mercifully new.

Give Fit2B a try for 2-3 months which is long enough to get through almost all our routines if you do one a day, and see the difference in your body and your perspective on bodies in general. You could also sample our beginning routines and a few other workouts without joining by getting our new Foundational Five Plus eCourse. We promise you won’t find anything else like us!

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4 thoughts on “What is TummySafe Fitness for Diastasis Recti?

  1. Anna says:

    Hi! Do you have exercises that help close up diastasis recti??? I see tummy safe exercises for if you have diastasis recti. But what about exercises to correct it?

    • Beth Learn says:

      While our workouts have helped a lot of women narrow their Diastasis Recti separations, especially if their method of fitness was keeping the gap open. If your gap is wider than 2.5 cm and changing your fitness hasn’t helped very much, it’s likely you have some deeper core dysfunctions that need addressed. In that case, I strongly recommend that you go through The Tummy Team’s program which is designed by a neuromuscular physical therapist who has the most amazing online program (link below) or that you see a women’s health physical therapist who specializes in DR and Pelvic Floor in your area if possible. Here’s my link to the online rehab with TT >

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