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Are you interested in having a fun, engaging fitness presentation brought to your group’s next meeting or retreat?

 In addition to being the CEO and founding instructor of Fit2B Studio, Bethany Learn is available as a consultant and guest speaker, locally and abroad. As an award-winning public speaker, Bethany has a genuine way of presenting fitness facts with humor to motivate and educate your group! She is passionate about fitness and wellness topics for all ages, and she would love to be invited to your business, moms group, retreat, birth group, wherever to inspire YOU to love your CORE!

“Thank you SO MUCH for coming to our TOPS Meeting tonight – you’re amazing and we all appreciate your visit with us. So informative! I am feeling the burn and I bet the others are too.” – Tracerz to You, TOPS coordinator

Please contact Bethany’s assistant via and tell us about your upcoming event and how you see Bethany’s knowledge and passion for core education might play a role in the success of that event. Please specify if you want her to speak on a pre-planned topic or theme and don’t forget to include your name, location and phone number, along with the date you are requesting, gathering size, and type of gathering.


Retreats: If you need a fun, factual, fit speaker at your next retreat, Bethany is your gal! She will bring a qualified and confident presence to your event. Not only is Bethany available for local, brown-bag health talks within her community, she is also available for more lengthy engagements. Invite Bethany to lead your group for a total of five or six refreshing hours at your next retreat! Bethany’s holistic and hilarious approach to fitness will create discussion and transformation tailored to your theme. Contact us today to determine availability!Contact her assistant today for rates


Support Groups: Whether it’s a moms group, lactation support group, weight watchers, TOPS, or any group where the core might come into conversation, Bethany would be honored to be your guest. Smaller, more intimate groups are her absolute favorite because of how many questions can be answered. The core is a delicate, funny, fabulous part of us that Bethany will show you how to marvel at it all over again!

Consultations with Gyms & Athletic Clubs: Are your trainers and instructors up to speed on the ramifications of  diastasis recti upon core training methods? Bethany has been a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and she’s also worked as an assistant fitness facility manager. Most of all she’s devoted the past 3 years to researching the special needs of a muddled middle! Put her years of expertise to work in your club today! Let Bethany watch and review your trainer’s methods, and then she’ll coach your trainers on the basics of checking for abdominal separation and exercises that help not hinder its healing. Rates depend on club size and needs.

Fees: Rates quoted depend on length of engagement, and a pre-arranged honorarium and expenses are required. Short lunchtime lectures about fitness and wellness are often complimentary within our locale with a minimal fee charged for belly checks for diastasis recti.

We are “fit to be” at your next group event!

“My mind is still spinning… I’d say she was a speaker that changed my life.” – Heather W.

“A very big THANK YOU goes out to Bethany Buckles Learn! She gave an amazing lecture to two groups of ladies today at Lawrence Park and her lecture was very progressive, informative & AWESOME! Bethany, you are a very dynamic speaker & you presented a lot of very interesting, educational material to the group. I learned a ton today & if any of you missed it I strongly recommend taking the time to visit her site.” – Megan Byrd, founder of Flathead Valley Moms Outdoor Fitness Group

“Thanks a ton Bethany for taking time to come talk with us ladies & give us a great understanding of our bodies. I can tell it is your passion. Very much appreciated your lecture.” -Priscilla H. in Montana

“Hi Bethany, I just wanted to thank you for speaking to our group at MOPS today! I was really encouraged/challenged by what you said. I really liked how you brought God’s plan for us as moms/women in relation to fitness instead of just the physical and health rewards or feeling berated for not being as active as I should be. I’ve never heard it like that before. It totally hit home for me when you talked about being physically ready for whatever God calls you for – that was the first “fitness” talk I’ve come away from not feeling too discouraged and overwhelmed to do anything about it!” -Amy R.