Proactive Perimenopause

Welcome to Proactive Perimenopause!

We are so grateful that you’ve honored us by trusting us to help you take charge of this season in your life that has so much possibility and potential. We are delighted by you choosing us to help guide you during this change in your body, and we hope you’ll reach out to each of us with any questions you have about our lessons. You are showing up for yourself, and we are here for you. We enjoy helping women feel empowered to thrive during perimenopause and past menopause. Watch this video and scroll down!

Tips to enjoy this course more!

  1. Do what catches your eye – This course isn’t set in concrete order. You don’t need to finish a lesson to hop to a different topic. In fact, we want you to skip around and do the lessons as you’re curious or as you need each piece of information. Perimenopause is a long season. Learn a few things you can put into practice in the next few months. Then come back and learn a little more.
  2. Own it – This course is yours. You are in charge of how you do it. You can watch the video first or read the written content first. You can do the workout in one lesson, and then watch the learning video in a different one. Some of the content may not speak to where you’re at right now. Hey, aren’t you glad it’s not all happening at once? You can do the whole course in a week or spread it out, save some for later, or skip a lesson altogether. You do you, boo.
  3. Set aside any pressure or judgement on yourself right now – There’s no wrong way to do (or not do) any lesson in this course. You’ll be able to immediately apply a lot of it, and some of it, well, you may need a minute to process. Like I already mentioned above, you’ll also see stuff you haven’t experienced yet, information you don’t need right now, and advice that you may not need at this point on your journey. Tread it like a map, and tuck it into your mental pocket for future reference. And don’t expect yourself to start doing all of it today and get it perfect.
  4. Request to join the Fit2B Private Forum on Facebook Group here – All the contributors are in it, and we are eager to field your questions and get you pointed toward the resources we know can help you. It’s drama free, well moderated, and you’ll be grateful for a safe place to seek help and not worry about sharing t.m.i. We’v heard it all!
  5. Leave a review – If this course begins to bless you in any way, please leave us a review on the product page here. Reviews run the world, so thanks in advance!

Wait, what equipment do I need for the workouts?

We carefully chose exercise videos that would be accessible to the most amount of people. The only special piece of equipment you need is a kettlebell for “Green Gertie.” That’s the name of my biggest kettlebell that stars in that routine, but you do NOT need something that heavy (I myself started with a 10lb KB) nor do you need to drop $$$ on one yet. You can make your own out of a jug of milk, a bucket of rocks, or even a carseat (no baby in it please) with canned goods loaded into it. Here is a DIY on making your own KB out of a canvas bag to hold you over until you score your own KB … make sure you post in the forum and tell us what you name it 😉


Two things about the workouts…

The exercise videos are all located in the lesson labeled “Workouts.”

Here’s what the letters in the video titles stand for: 

E = Easy: Simple motions, low key, no impact, minimal bending, great for beginner exercisers, awesome for early recovery

M = Moderate: Builds on all the basics, more layers of motion, some occasional light impact, requires a foundational core connection,

C = Challenging: Options for higher impact and heavier load + multidirectional motions and great need for solid core core connection.

TS = Tummysafe & Smart Strategies for Diastasis Recti (everything we have on Fit2B except a few of our kids workouts includes this)

Okay, you’re ready!

Go ahead and choose your first lesson.

Read the content, or watch the video. Then maybe choose an exercise routine from the “Workouts” section. You could also just do a workout today and read some content tomorrow. Maybe you’ll read everything in each lesson first, and then go back and watch the videos. Whatever works for you. Take what you need today. Leave the rest for later.

You’re going to love learning how to change your experience with the change. 

See you in my lesson and the workout videos,


Proactive Perimenopause: Change is around the corner when it comes to your fitness and wellness. Are you ready for it?

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