About Fit2B Studio

Fit2B Studio is an online gym in the form of a massive library of workout videos with over 300 exercise routines including pilates, yoga, pre-natal, weights, tabata, functional cross training, stretching, ball workouts, relaxation, and more!

Two things make us radically different compared to other online fitness providers:


We are “TummySafe” for those healing from abdominal trauma yet ready to exercise without undoing their groundwork. Being tummy-safe does NOT mean we don’t work the core. Every single one of our total-body routines is simply fashioned in a way that integrates the tummy safely into the larger motions so that we don’t reinjure you. A safe body today equals a stronger body tomorrow.


We are family-friendly! Our founder and main instructor is a real-life mom who films in beautiful homes in tasteful attire with lyric-free music. You see, we believe we can demonstrate proper form without showing a bunch of skin. And we talk in layman’s terms, no unexplainable terminology.

A word about Diastasis Recti…

Many women who have been pregnant – and a lot of men and children too – have damage to their abdominal connective tissue called a diastasis recti (DR) and this can be one culprit behind the “pregnant-pooch” or “pot gut” or “mummy tummy.”

Our TummySafe workouts are effective at restoring function with a lovely side-effect of flattening and re-shaping your midsection, because we avoid crunching motions that bulge the abdominal wall and take you out of alignment. We focus on the entire core cannister (transverse abdominus, diaphragm, pelvic floor & multifidus/spine) while adding surrounding muscle groups in a safely progressive manner.

The Tummy Team

We also work with The Tummy Team to be sure our workouts will not undo any physical therapy, rehabilitation, or natural healing. Licensed neuromuscular physical therapist, Kelly Dean, is the guest instructor in several of our workouts which you can preview here.

Basically, here is how it works:

 Once you become a member you get a password. You login and you select a workout {most members start here… Click!}Then something starts to happen: You lose inches or weight or whatever you need to lose. Or maybe you gain something: pride, strength, self-awareness, a deeper mind-body connection. Whatever you need to lose or gain, with Fit2B Studio you’ll have the ability to do it in the privacy of your home, or with a friend or your kids. It’s like going out and buying 40 workout DVD’s {and we do have DVDs here} without the pricetag. Just point and click on the routine you want to do… and do it!

About Fit to Be Us:

Our original url site address was fit2b.us and as we’ve grown to include member in 30+ countries worldwide, we have built an encouraging community where we are motivating each other to become stronger contributors within our families, communities and world. Our goal is to make you “Fit to be” – fit to be hiking, fit to be running races, fit to be chasing the kids and the cat and the dog and the hamster, fit to be dancing, fit to be raising hands in grateful worship to the ONE who gave us the ability to move and breathe and jump for joy!

About Our Team:

It’s been said that a friend is someone who knows where you’ve been, accepts where you are, and encourages you to grow. We are “fit to be” that friend for you! We know where you’ve been. We’ve been there, too. We accept you where you are, we won’t ask you to do impossible stunts or ridiculous moves, and we don’t speak Sanskrit. We say it all in plain English.

We don’t want to intimidate you. We want to encourage you, embrace you as you are, and help you move forward. And we hope you’ll give us the chance to encourage you to grow in strength, stamina, and resolve.

Our Ultimate Goal:

Our goal for members of Fit To Be Us is that you will feel fit to do anything! Fit to run and jump on the trampoline with your kids, fit to volunteer in your community, fit to slide into your favorite jeans that have been on the floor of your closet for way too long!

We hope you will join us on this journey. We can’t wait to meet you!


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