A Poem About Live TV and Living With Laundry

Fit2B Studio and its revolutionary tummy-safe workouts for diastasis was featured on a major news site last night. This morning, I’m doing laundry and haven’t  made it out of my pajamas – let alone done any pilates – at least not yet. Such is the life of this fitness sahmwahm (stay at home, work at home mom). Just look at this pile that needs sorting! My son climbed off the top right before I snapped the picture.

The link to the news show has come down (updating on 4/13) and Fit2B has grown since I originally wrote this poem below, but serious, this morning I was going  from chatting with nearly 2,000 twitter followers to breaking up fights between my two kids. As I was going about my day this bit of poetry popped into my noggin.

Was it only last night
I was on my friends’ TV’s?
Because I look around this morning
and I have “Disarray Disease”
My son is playing in the water
It’s sloshing all about
Yet my mind is full of fodder
For my newest and latest workout
“Don’t climb on that! Don’t play with that!”
Daily sayings of a mother
Give me back my hat!
“Stop fighting with your brother!”
But next week is Thanksgiving
So I stop amongst the mess
To give thanks for this life I’m living
Kids, hubby, website … I’m BLESSED!

7 thoughts on “A Poem About Live TV and Living With Laundry

  1. Kayla @EssentialU says:

    I am thankful for Mt. Dirty laundry in my house because it means my house is full of life, family and people — and I am thankful for Mt. Clean laundry too because it means I'm getting something done (even if it isn't folded yet).

  2. fatine khawarizmi says:

    I can say being a mother and a wife is the most precious thing in the world!it needs a lot of patience and a power of mind!
    It is true, when we have a lot of obligations to do toward our family we feel little bit tension before accomplishing it but once everything is settled as we wish ,all the tiredness become a sort of happiness when everybody in the family is happy!
    Great post!

  3. Bethany Learn @fit2bmama says:

    Well, Mt. Dirty Laundry has been conquered. I like what Fatine said about the tiredness becoming happiness. It's true!

  4. bethanylearn says:

    UPDATE: We no longer have the red sectional. I have over 5,000 twitter followers now. And the site looks nothing like it did when KPTV reviewed it. And I am EVEN MORE thankful these days for all that God has given me and all the ways my site is bringing hope and healing to others.

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