Soap in My Shoes

Gym memberships get benched when budgets get tight, and that’s when people find themselves trying to get fit at home. Getting in shape on the home-front is harder than it seems, though. Stay at home parents have a LOT of small moving hurdles to overcome. Sometimes we fall exhausted into bed, wondering where the day went. Here’s a cute pic of my nap-fighting son who fell asleep behind a chair. This photo may not speak to you of home fitness, but it does to me …

I was recently asked to talk on GetFitNow Radio about ways to workout at home, but I made it sound so easy! So here are three quick, funny-now-that-I-look-back-on-them, events created by small urchins that kept me too distracted or exhausted to get a workout:

Excerpt from journal 11/14 – My terrific two year-old son filled two pairs of my shoes with dish soap today. Not all at once. Two separate incidents. Don’t worry, he didn’t drink the soap. Just filled my shoes with it. Maybe he did it because I always tell him not to play with shoes because they are dirty. I think he meant to wash them. The dish soap is up even higher now.

Excerpt from journal 10/14 – Both the kids have colds. I am covered in snot. My couch is covered in slug trails (snot). My whole house is covered in – you guessed it – snot! I’m not feeling so hot, either. I’d like to take a nap, but that’s not going to happen. I hear someone crying…

Excerpt from journal 08/05 – Celebrated the baby’s birthday today. I am bushed! Woke up, made coffee, made special breakfast, picked up cake at Costco, called invitees to confirm RSVP’s, babysat last minute for a friend, cleaned up a few potty-training messes, did two loads of laundry … 27 people came! I think labor was easier!

… I forgave myself a workout on those days. I’m happy to get five days of movement each week, but I have to constantly remind myself that if all I have is 20 minutes to ride my recumbent bike, then 20 minutes is enough! We fit in fitness when we can, wherever we can, wearing whatever we can. Just the other day I rode in my pajamas! Listen to the podcast of my guest appearance on GetFitNow Radio here!

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