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I am a doula and childbirth educator and always include info on fit2b in my classes and pre/post birth meetings.

Sarah H. / Doula

I have always felt that it to be wrong to workout until it hurts and also find it very hard to get motivated to do that to myself.  I like the idea of having someone who realizes this and is making changes to create a good workout that is safe, so thank you!

Rachel F. / Fit2B Member

I’m in love with your workouts! I’ve done the ‘no pain no gain’ workouts for 8 years now. I have had tons of pain and nearly no gains. lol I am so glad I can workout and go do something else with my day. I feel refreshed and revived. No more ‘oh my gosh I just need a nap now’ workouts.

Melinda S. / Fit2B Member

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“One of the things I love the most is there is something for every level and almost all workouts are able to be tailored to your level. I have closed 3 diastases (one after each baby) thanks to Fit2b. My core is stronger now than when I was a collegiate athlete.”

~ Rachel Z.

“I used Fit2B to go from a diastasis of 8 finger widths to 1! And I’m so much stronger! Still using them because Beth is amazing and gentle exercise is what I need!”

~ Danita T.

“fit2b.com has helped make a major difference in my prolapse to living almost 100% symptom-free.”

~ Katie K.

“Fit2b healed my core and pelvic floor after my 3 babies! I recommend them to everyone!”

~ Lisa N.

“I had prolapse, incontinence, and a 5 finger diastasis. Beth’s amazing videos and 1 on 1 care in her group have completely changed my life. My underwear is dry!”

~ Alexandria L.

Here at Fit2B Studio we specialize in strengthening cores that have been through a lot… We know how diastasis recti can have a domino-effect on your whole body.

You can trust that each of our workouts – and we have a LOT – will restore, rebuild and reshape you without wrecking your progress.


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