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  • E/TS – Fingers & Toes - We spend a lot of time with our hands curled around devices and our feet shoved into socks and shoes. Yet, no muscle is an island. Everything that happens in the top of your body travels down. Everything that happens in the bottom of your body travels up. And sideways. And crossways. The tension in […]
  • September 16th 2016 – Live Chats With Beth! - This live video chat is set for September 16th 2016 @ 11:00am PST These are also aired on Periscope @fit2bmama. Find old ones below! Check out past weekly chats!
  • Restorative Poses III from teaches how to apply props to 5 different stretches! Restorative poses - Restorative poses simply remove some of gravity’s pull with the use of props. They enable people to sink into deeper stretches with support and safety, and I’m convinced that anyone can do restorative work wherever they are with whatever they have. It feels so good to add props to stretching positions, and I’ve seen and felt […]