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  • From Failure to Fitness. Overwhelmed to Organized - From Failing to Fitness. Overwhelmed to Organized. - Confession: I don’t think there is ONE key to keeping life simple. Stuff falls through my cracks all the time. Maybe it shouldn’t shock me that I am unable to do everything as the mother of two active children, the owner of a successful business and the wife of a homesteader. I try to be stay […]
  • Arm Workout: Defining Deltoids - E/TS – Defining Deltoids - This workout for your deltoids (shoulder muscles) is a super special addition to all of our other arm workouts for two reasons, one silly and one serious: The serious reason is that it’s taught with major stability in mind for those dealing with sacroiliac (SI) or symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). The silly reason is that it’s […]
  • April 28th 2016 – Weekly Chats With Beth - This live video chat is set for April 28th at1:30pm PST These are also aired on Periscope @fit2bmama. Find old ones below! Check out past weekly chats!