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  • Can Fit2B tummysafe home fitness routines help improve pelvic organ prolapse? Can Fit2B help improve Pelvic Organ Prolapse? - Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a serious condition that affects many women’s quality of life, but there is therapy available to help stabilize the area and even improve it. I’ve worked closely with many physios and physical therapists to create several routines that can help a woman start connecting with her pelvic floor while she […]
  • Fit2B releases 2nd Foam Rolling workout routine as fourth in series - M/TS – Foam Rolling II - Our foam rolling routines have been so popular due to the TummySafe education we include in them that members keep asking for more! So here I am in my own little farm house with the Summer sunshine streaming through the windows and photo albums of my babies in the background, bringing you the sequel to Foam Rolling… and […]
  • Two tummy massage videos and a powerful testimony from Fit2B Member, Josie L. 1 Scar Story + 2 Tummy Massage Videos -  When there are deep wounds and scars that leave behind fascial adhesions and disconnect, it can be very hard for a woman to look at her tummy, let alone touch it. When you have a scar on your belly or abdominal fascia that won’t pull back together {or fascia that pulls too hard} practicing tummy […]