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  • Get 5 free home fitness routines via web app - Sample 5 home fitness workouts through Fit2B Mobile - With our prices going up on February 12th, we have sent out an amazing offer to allow non-members to sample 5 home fitness routines through a special campaign. Everyone who has ever given us their email while purchasing a product, signing up for our newsletter, or sampling us through a bundle, or being a prior […]
  • Get on the {Big} ball routine - C/TS – Get On The {Big} Ball - “Are those big exercise balls safe?” I get asked that question all the time, and the answer is that it depends what you do on them. This routine explores a huge variety of motions – everything from easy to hard stuff like mountain climbers and pikes – with my classic “tummysafe” cueing. IMPORTANT NOTE: Some […]
  • Easy Walking Workout with Upper Body Moves - E/TS – Walking Workout - Maybe the more complicated foot patterns of our aerobics routines aren’t for you, or maybe you just don’t want to think super hard today. While walking in one spot isn’t the same as going for a real walk because there’s no propulsion or hip rotation, a workout like this has many benefits. Adding some gentle […]