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TummySafe™ Pathway to Great Abs!

TummySafe Abs -


Tone & strengthen your whole core

without crunches, sit ups or unmodified planks!

Check for a separation in your abs. If you have one, closing the gap will make your core stronger than ever!

These specialized routines will strengthen your core, unmuddle your middle, and redefine your waistline from the inside out with TummySafe™ moves that prevent *abdominal trauma and restore function. This pathway originally contained all our TummySafe™ workouts, but now our whole site is “TS” so members suggested making this page just for tummies! Click here to see all the workout pathways.

Learn more about *Abdominal Trauma here!

Watch why Fit2B is crunch-free

Prenatal & Postnatal Routines

The Foundational Five Routines

Before you do the routines below START HERE please

Ready to move on? Scroll down!

Once you’re comfortable with the “F5” routines above, scroll down and mix in the following TummySafe™ videos to further progress the strength and stamina of your abdominals. 

E/TS/R - Pelvic Floor Connections - 22:06

E/TS - The Xiphoid Process Routine - 21:20

Core Wake Up - 4:17

Verticle Core Training - 6:56

Tummy Safe™ Transitions - 16:54

Squat Prep Tips - 11:23

Kelly's Floor Core Routine - 16:21

Plain Ol' Pilates - 26:06

P.S. You won’t find a workout that only contains moves for your biceps, or moves for your quads, or other isolating routines beyond the “F5” series because we believe the whole body needs to move! Fit2B specializes in workouts for diastasis recti recoverers, but we like to move the WHOLE body!

Balanced - 19:42

Pilates in Pajamas - 23:08

Pilates in Pajamas II - 18:14

Love Handles Lost - 26:12

Gentle Blend - 29:30

Pilates & Yoga Loaded II - 25:29

Rockin' Yoga & Pilates - 31:17

Hold It! - 20:30

Ab Attack - 16:02

Kelly's Core Cardio - 17:32

More For Your Core with Kelly Dean, LPT

If you’ve been doing these routines but are still feeling frustrated with your progress, try Kelly’s online core rehabilitation program!

Kelly's Wall Workout - 7:34

Kelly's Total Body Toning - 27:04

Kelly Dean's Floor Core Workout - 16:21

Kelly Dean's Total Body Stretching - 19:51

Kelly's Core Cardio - 17:32

Bedtime Relaxation with Kelly - 13:14


(non-members can preview workout paths but cannot access the workouts)

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“My back usually gets sore easily.  After doing your videos for a week, I gardened for 3 hours on Monday.  My back hurt Monday night, but it was fine on Tuesday!  Usually it would hurt for a couple of days afterwards!  I’m pretty sure that your videos have helped to strengthen my back, even in that short time.” Fit2B in Oregon, Michelle B.

“I just wanted to publically acknowledge you for your amazing website! I am a stay at home mom who has been on a little hiatus from excercising. When I was ready to return, all of your workouts were there, waiting for me. I was able to get in a great workout while my little one napped. No need for a sitter or to drag her to the gym. I am so happy and grateful for all that you do!! Thank you.” Fit2B in Washington, Jennifer P.

*Abdominal Trauma includes but isn’t limited to a debilitating change in the integrity and function of the adbominal muscles, connective tissue and nerves due to surgery, abdominally abusive workouts, external abuse, extreme “stretching” sports, chronic constipation or asthma, or even poor alignment which creates undue intra-abdominal pressure. A diastasis recti is a separation of the right and left sides of your rectus abdominus, often accompanied by a thinning of your linea alba. It is caused by excessive intra-abdominal pressure from pregnancy, extreme stretches, long hours in poor alignment, asthma, constipation, and/or many other factors that leave the belly chronically distended and “poochy.” If you believe you could have a large diastasiswe strongly urge you to seek additional abdominal rehab.


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