You don’t need to be flat on your back on the floor to work your abs. In fact, it’s healthier for your core muscles and spine to exercise your middle from a standing position. Try this 7-minute routine that will reshape and refirm your midsection.

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8 thoughts on “E/TS – Vertical Core Workout

  1. Kathi says:

    Great mini-workout, Beth! It’s getting late and we had a crazy day so this was a great choice for today.
    Funny thing, now when I am in the van driving my kids to their various activities, I do LOTS of belly breath pulses…I am much more aware of my alignment and sometimes do as many as 400 throughout the course of my trips… thanks!!

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  3. MaryAnne Moran says:

    in this workout, when Beth instructs on the motion of moving the ribcage from side to side, my right side seems locked up! And I am putting on weight over the ribcage. How can I “unlock” my right side ribcage motion?

    • Beth Learn says:

      Great question! First, keep practicing this action to improve it. Second, take a look at these other routines: The Xyphoid Process, Warrior Workout, Bathrobe Blues in the blue color series. Also, Love Handles Lost has some great moves for the side body. Another thing you can do is massage your ribs. Grasp your lower ribs with your hands when you’re laying in a reclined position and gently work around them with your fingers.

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