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The entire library of over 300 Fit2B workouts is suitable for postpartum, but this page offers 2 specific programs that support a TummySafe™ return to fitness during and after pregnancy. The prenatal plan is at the top, and the postnatal is the bottom half. 

The Prenatal FitnessPath

If you’re striving for a strong, informed pregnancy, this 8-week prenatal fitness pathway offers structure and accountability to help you reach that goal. Each week features 1 basic routine +  2 workouts + 1 educational resource, progressing from simple basics to full body workouts. Some videos were filmed specifically for pregnancy while others were carefully chosen from our huge library to meet the needs of this important life-carrying stage. We also highly recommend you do core prehab before birth.

Prenatal Program: Week 1

In addition to your Fit2B time, please walk daily even if it’s short and slow. Walking is the BEST exercise for pregnancy and labor preparation with squatting as a close second. Now, let’s begin gently and increase our intensity wisely as we proceed.

Basic Breath Work - 11:55 Cue Connections - 19:06 Shannon's Prenatal Barre-Inspired Workout - 13:21 Do You Have Diastasis Recti?


Prenatal Program: Week 2

These routines take last week’s up a notch. The body changes and shifts dramatically during pregnancy, adapting to support the life growing inside. Our exercise strategy should also adapt. Supporting your body now can contribute to a faster recovery later.

Totally Transverse - 17:43 Maternity Yoga - 32:15 Walking Workout - 18:11 Pregnancy Q and A


Prenatal Program: Week 3

This pathway – with its buttons that look like stepping stones – is the scenic route to enjoying your body during pregnancy. It’s meant for frequent rest stops, and it’s meant to be traveled repeatedly. You can watch the long routine in segments to meet your needs. Gentle Reminder: Book yourself now to see a Pelvic PT after birth.

Pelvic Floor Connections - 22:06 Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction Routine - 50:47 Lorraine's Kitchen Counter Barre-Style Workout - 12:35 Tai Chi Inspired Core with Gillian- 11:38 Should You Splint?


Prenatal Program: Week 4

I’m giving you an extra routine this week, just in case you don’t have water. Maybe it’s too much. If so, it’s okay to slow down and repeat your favorites. Maybe you’re craving more. As an athlete who’s been pregnant, I get you, but this gentle stuff isn’t downtraining. It’s sport-specific prep for the most epic athletic event you’ll ever perform: Birth.

Align it Flat - 12:28 Ankles and Upper Body - 10:59 Water Aerobics - 22:48 Pregnancy Stretching with Kelly - 17:26 Finding Good Core Rehab


Prenatal Program: Week 5

We believe you were designed for this. Your body is doing all the things it can possibly do right now. How amazing is that? Uncomfortable, sure, but also astounding! Keep on going, Mama. Keep walking. Keep moving. You were made for this.

Squatting Practice - 11:23 Maternity Mix I - 21:01 Basic Aerobics III - 16:03 My Interview With A Male Midwife


Prenatal Program: Week 6

Take pictures, Mama. Commemorate this time with your phone or book a photographer. Keep the photos private or splash them across social media. But take them and take them again. And resolve now to get in the pictures with your baby later. You are strong and beautiful.

Mula Bandha - 11:41 Maternity Mix II - 16:53 Basic Aerobics IV - 20:57 min A Note On Mental Health...


Prenatal Program: Week 7

This is when is I usually say we’re almost done, but we both know this is just a beginning. Look back at those early, basic routines… You’ve come so far with walking and integrating these moves into your daily life. You should feel amazed. Because you are: Amazing. Did you schedule that core rehab appointment yet?

Labor Prep - 13:01 Defining Deltoids - 29:45 Kelly Dean's Total Body Toning - 27:04 Herbs and hormones


Prenatal Program: Week 8

Pregnancy lasts longer than 8 weeks, hopefully. Upon completing this program, you may be in your 2nd trimester or approaching your estimated due date. How you proceed is your choice: You can repeat the whole t thing, or you could pick and choose the routines that resonated with you. Either way, let’s finish strong!

Kitchen Moves - 18:49 min Maternity Mix III - 24:16 Weighted Warriors - 24:26 Kelly's Core Cardio - 17:32


Postpartum Recovery Path

Beautiful young mother using Fit2B while breastfeeding holding and nursing her newborn baby at home -

The following 7-week roadmap of routines is SO GENTLE that it’s been approved by midwives and physical therapists for use as early as 3 days post-vaginal delivery or 10 days post-surgical delivery. The strategic progression is designed to help you reconnect to your core while resting, recovering and regaining basic strength and function. Note: Please see a women’s health pelvic PT as soon as you can after birth. Always discuss your fitness with your medical providers. 

Week One: Rest & Release

This first set of videos is meant to be accomplished while seated or laying down in your bed. Try to do each one time this week, repeating them as you crave them. It’s okay to repeat a week if you’re not ready to move on to the next week.

Basic Breath Work - 11:55 Cue Connections - 19:06 Neck Stretches - 14:25 Restorative Poses 1 - 14:35 Baby Feeding Routine - 12:58

Week Two: Reconnect

Birth and baby care are hard work. Tight muscles don’t flex very well. This week, we are releasing our shoulders, core and pelvic floor + more restorative work. Let’s also check your diastasis recti this week. You should only check your DR every 2 weeks.

Check Your Belly - 9:24 Core Wake Up - 4:17 Pelvic Floor Connections - 22:04 Shoulder Stretches - 13:52 Restorative Poses 2 - 6:48

Week Three: Realign

As you can tell, this plan emphasizes progression with intention. Your body feels different right now, and you are honoring the changes. You’ll move more in the following weeks. Trust the process and take some walks this week, swinging your arms, tall and proud. And just in case you’re putting it off, book that PT appointment!

Basic Chair Fitness - 16:37 Align It Flat - 12:28 Totally Transverse - 17:43 The Xiphoid process Routine - 21:20 Restorative Poses 3 - 20:36


Week Four: Rebuild

It’s time to dive deeper while addressing any lingering issues. If your hips or pubis still hurt, we have you covered this week with a specialized routine for that. Remember to take some easy walks.

Mula Bandha - 11:41 Squatting Practice - 11:23 Yoga With Feet Together for SPD - 12:29 Kelly's Total Body Stretching - 19:51 Check Your Belly Again - 9:24


Week Five: Recover

Fitness recovery takes time and planning. Every routine you are doing is contributing to your recovery. This week, we’re covering fitness in yet another way. You can always repeat weeks.

Kelly's Floor Core Workout - 16:21 Kitchen Moves - 18:49 Walking Workout - 18:11 Ankles and Upper Body - 10:59


Week Six: Reboot

You have been doing the vital work of rebooting your core by resting, reconnecting and rebuilding on a solid foundation. It’s not bootcamp – it’s a reboot, a restart. You’re ready to move on, add on, take on a bit more with the solid strategies you have in place.

Kelly's Full Body Toning - 27:04 Defining Deltoids - 29:45 Bag A Better Back - 20:47 Mommy & Me - 12:11 Check Your Belly Again - 9:24


Week Seven: Refine

This is the final week of this pathway, but you’re not done. You’ve really just begun. These last 4 routines will both test and refine your limits a bit, readying you to explore the rest of the Fit2B library. The base of strength you’ve been building now becomes a springboard that will hold up under increasing intensities and loads.

Mommy & Me 3 - 17:52 Totally Transverse 2 - 11:29 Baby Lift - 19:39 Rockin' Yoga & Pilates - 31:17


And now for some adorable member photos!

Preview the prenatal and postnatal workouts on which offers strategies for managing Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor strength while returning you to full fitness!
Baby Feeding Routine: Arm Exercises for mothers with small infants on


“I’m 5 weeks postpartum and have been wearing my splint and doing the foundational tummy-safe exercises for exactly one week now. And I lost 4″ off my waist this past week! I didn’t even know that was possible! Thank you so much!” -Mindy H.

Fit2B member and child, babywearing during "Mommy & Me" home video workout on

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