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All of the routines on this pathway are designed specifically for the pregnant and post-partum phases. They are also TummySafe™ which means they do not include crunches, sit ups, unmodified planks, or other high-pressure moves. Scroll down to see all the workouts we have for prenatal and postnatal moms!

Pregnancy Q & A

Should You Splint?

Do You Have Diastasis Recti?

The Workouts

These “First Foundational Five” routines are your belly’s best friend as you prepare your body for birth and the recovery beyond! You should go through them before you do the rest of the videos on this page.

Click here for the First Five Foundational Routines and Resources

Some of the following TummySafe™ routines were filmed specifically for pregnancy, while the others aren’t specific to pregnancy but are still beneficial and safe during this time. Of course, please rest and call your doctor or midwife  if you experience nausea, dizziness, increase in discharges, or pelvic cramping while being active.

E/TS - Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction Routine - 50:47

Maternity Yoga - 15:16

E/TS - Walking Workout - 18:11

E/TS - Labor Prep - 13:01

Pelvic Floor Connections - 22:06

Chair Pilates - 9:37

Chair Yoga - 12:04

Chair Blend - 14:26

Basic Chair Fitness - 16:37 min

Kitchen Moves - 18:49 min

Neck Routine - 14:25

Pregnancy Stretching with Kelly - 17:26

E/TS/R - Restorative Poses - 14:35 min

E/TS/R - Restorative Poses 2 - 6:48

Squatting Practice - 11:23

E/TS - Squat Challenge - 20:57 min

E/TS/R - FOAMunROLLING - 9:31 min

“Just did the Prego Stretcho Video (nickname for Kelly’s pregnancy stretching routine) and wow, that hip stretch with the knee-drop! Such a small move, but such a difference!” -Miriam A. 

These longer routines are slightly more intense but still safe for pregnancy. If you’ve just had a baby, though, please review the F5 routines first.

Maternity Mix I - 21:01

   Maternity Mix II - 16:53

Maternity Mix III - 24:16

These next ones are short yet challenging, each done upright or standing, with very little time spent on your back. They aren’t specifically “geared” toward pregnancy but they are doable barring any health or musculoskeletal issues/pain. As always, use extra caution with any physical activity when pregnant; top exercising and consult your OB or Midwife if you have any concerns. 

Ankles & Upper Body - 10:59

M/TS - Lorraine's Barre Workout - 15 min

E/TS - Walking Workout - 18:11

M/TS Bag A Better Back - 20:47

Basic Aerobics I & II - 12:34/16:21

Basic Aerobics III - 16:03

M/TS - The Big {little} Band Workout - 10:56 min

Basic Aerobics IV - 20:57 min

Defining Deltoids - 29:45

Foam Rolling Routine - 15:28 min

Kelly's Core Cardio - 17:32

Kelly Dean's Total Body Toning - 27:04

Ultimate Upper Body - 17:05   

Weighted Warriors - 24:26

Wood Floor Workout - 21:46 min

Visit our Office Workout section for more upright TS routines!

After the baby comes, these routines become special…

Mommy & Me - 12:11


Mommy & Me III - 17:52

Baby Lift - 19:39

Don’t keep mum about how mom-friendly we are here at Fit2B Studio!

“I’m 5 weeks postpartum and have been wearing my splint and doing the four foundational tummy-safe exercises for exactly one week now. And I lost 4″ off my waist this past week! I didn’t even know that was possible! Thank you so much!” Fit2B in Tennessee, Mindy H.

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