The pregnant body is full of mystery, new life, extra curves… and hormones! We experience new aches and pains from tight spots we didn’t know we had, and we end up with new loose spots we never imagined! Physical therapist, Kelly Dean, specializes in knowing how to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy, and she joins us as a guest instructor for this relaxing, insightful routine that will soothe your sore spots, Mama!

Equipment needed: sturdy chair to sit and lean on, rolled towel or rolled yoga mat, comfy rug or mat to lay upon for the ending relaxation. Learn more about Kelly’s Tummy Team here!

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p.s. this video is lovingly referred to as the “Prego Stretcho Video” by Chris 😉

8 thoughts on “E/TS – Pregnancy Stretching

  1. Mrs. Zog says:

    Good one! Our five year old(with baby tucked in her shirt) just did this one with me. I love how real Beth and Kelly are in the videos. Case in point from the mouth of a babe: “She has muddy feet!” 🙂

  2. Loralyn Smith says:

    At the end of this you talk about videos that address the pubic bone pain. Which specific videos are you referring to?

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