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EP 28 – The One About Young Female Athletes With Dr. Julie Granger

Fit2B Radio Podcast: The One About Young Female Athletes

Many issues women deal with can be traced back to their exercise and nutrition habits during their adolescence. Young female athletes face many challenges, especially if they are in “aesthetic” sports like gymnastics or dance where weight is queen and body image issues abound. Enter Dr. Julie Granger, author of “Fueled And Fabulous: The Girl Athlete’s […]

EP 5 – The One About Race Walking

Walking naturally flexes and stretches ALL the muscles in the core. Power walking and race walking are two “faster” kinds of walking. Beth, the founder of Fit2B, is a competitive race walker. Her team “Toe Jammin” has placed numerous times in the Portland To Coast Relay, and she talks about the method, the trials, the […]

EP 3 – The One About Running

Chris is a runner. I am not a runner. We have clients who want to run, but they have been told they can’t due to diastasis recti. We have clients who run regardless of their diastasis. So what’s best? Is running the greatest thing ever, so we should all be doing it? Is there a […]

EP 1 – The One About Us

What is Fit2B Studio about? How did we get started? Why do we do what we do? Get the inside scoop on all things Fit2B in this first episode that has the co-founders bantering and jamming. Scroll down for the video version! Fit2B Radio Cam We always “video” the podcast being produced! Here’s your chance […]