EP 25 – The One About Holy Yoga With Christina Mroz

EP 25 – The One About Holy Yoga With Christina Mroz

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Yoga is perhaps the only style of mainstream exercise that holds space for the spiritual aspect of wellness. In this episode, we go deep with one of the lead trainers of Holy Yoga. Christina Mroz and Beth first connected when they were both seeking to understand the ramifications of diastasis recti and other symptoms of core dysfunction on Yoga asana back in 2012. The discussion winds it’s way around many moving topics including the importance of modifying Yoga for the prenatal and postnatal stages, the religious controversy Yoga can incite, the surprises of motherhood, the private moments we have on our mats, and the beauty of collaboration.

Christina’s Contribution to the Experts In Diastasis Recti ecourse on Fit2B

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