Get Your Glutes In Gear

Welcome to MEA 3: Get Your Glutes In Gear!

Get Your Glutes in Gear - - Fit2B knows women are asking, “What exercise program is going to help me with my fitness motivation?” Beth Learn, core fitness specialist and founder of Fit2B, teaches with humor and grace. The StartUp 7 mini-course entices women to make a strategic return to fitness with lessons and workouts full of fitness inspiration. As always, each home workout has TummySafe cues for those looking for diastasis recti exercises as they recover from core trauma. #fit2b #fitnessmotivation #diastasisrectiBefore we get “all about that bass” in here, what do the gluteal muscles have to do with bellies?

Aren’t our abs the main focus here at Fit2B?

And didn’t we chose “mea” as the name of these courses because it’s an ancient word for the deep core?


Butt your core is VERY connected to your glutes – I promise – and the reason we love cores so much around here is because they help our whole bodies move! Your glutes and abs are basically best buds, and you’re going to learn how to harness the power and strength {and shape} of that connection, starting now!

The Basic Bits About Your Booty

“Glutes” is the anatomical nickname for the three main muscles in your backside: Gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Also known as your gluteals, or glutes for short.

Butt face it: They get a bum wrap even though they do a LOT for us every day!

They help us stand.
They help us sit.
They help us stabilize.
They offer padding and ballast.
They make us look good in pants.
They co-activate with our core.

There it is, friends:  When your core and glutes are both strong, their steady relationship works in your best interest.

However, when your core or glutes are weak, they don’t get along as well. They have to play nice and work as a team for your whole body to depend on them for support and structure.

What’s with the word play?

We can take this body part far too seriously, and it’s even used as a derogatory term. As a body nerd, even the word “A$$” makes no sense to me as a slur because donkeys are cute, and your backside’s many components – dirty as they may get – serve valuable purposes that would be hard to live without.

My son was upset about a bullish kid at school who’d called him a butt-hole. My anatomy loving side kicked in as I tried to comfort him by telling him how that ignorant kid had really accidentally complimented him. The next day, my son proudly reported that he’d set that kid straight about what anuses really do, and the bully had no response… haha! Education for all! 

So as we talk about your tush for a few weeks, I’ll keep it kosher. My mama is a  fine lady who raised me to speak well but with wit, so we will enjoy some fun alliterations and word plays to keep it light and fun as you learn without getting too asinine.

Okay are you ready to click on lesson one? 

Let’s do this!