Lesson 6: Continuing

This is the sixth lesson and FINAL lesson of this Ecourse on how to built a sweet seat, and I hope you have loved it + selfishly I hope you’re bummed that it’s done. Get it? Bummed?

I crack myself up!

This week’s theme is: Continuing

You’ve learned the basics about your buttocks during these past weeks, but what now?

How can you keep toning your tush and not loose the momentum you may have gained during this mini-course?

Well, I have 5 fantastic firming tips that will pay dividends to your derriere down the road BUTT first here is your workout for the week!

This week’s workout: Fusion Mix 1

This one is a doozy, folks. It’s a blend of many high level moves that require balance, stamina, coordination, co-activation… Yeah, allllll the things we have been working on packed into one workout.

I’ll warn you that you may only be able to do this routine in chunks at first. I myself had to practice it over and over AND OVER – and I lost my balance a lot at first while I was learning the moves and puzzling them together into this flow.

So take it gentle and slow, skipping the stuff that is beyond you but trusting that you WILL get there. You will get stronger. You will be able to do all of it one day. Don’t give up!

Pssst! If you’re a member of Fit2B with access to our whole library of 200+ video workouts, be sure you look for Fusion Mix 2 once you master this one.

Now let’s get this mini-course wrapped up with the following 5 tips to tighten you tush {in a good way… i don’t mean gripping or hypertonicity} with things you can take advantage of in your everyday, walking-around, real life.


Never miss a chance to squat in your everyday life:

In your garden, while doing housework or washing the car, or even in the tub – hey, a deep bath is a fabulous way to practice your deep squat!

Give them a good workout at least twice a week:

Wear them out with all the carving tips in Lesson 5 and take them for some regular walks! Use the workouts in this course or blend the moves together into your own home workout.

Never sit down until after you cool down:

Warm muscles are moldable muscles. Sitting on your hot rump when it needs blood flow and stretching isn’t ideal.Secretary spread, anyone?

Sit in more positions:

Stop sitting the same way all the time. Whether you’re in a chair or – even better – on the floor, change positions at least every 5-10 minutes.

Press through your heel:

When you’re going up the stairs, when you’re getting up from the toilet always drive through your heel to fire up your posterior chain. This will power up your gluteal muscles and bring them more into your everyday life!

People, it’s the little things you do all day long that add up to a big change in your body’s form and function.

Yes, the workouts get deep into the muscles and activate them and raise your metabolism and build your strength BUTT it’s what you do with the rest of your day that really programs a change to start taking place.

So all the tidbits of knowledge {info} and wisdom {applied info} that I’ve endeavored to impart to you throughout this course WILL help you if you continue to work on practicing them.

As you continue to eliminate compensation patterns, you will carve out a set of glutes that coordinates your entire body with power and grace.

The key word is “continue.”

You have to continue.

Life will distract and demotivate you, and that’s expected. However, you have to get the train back on the tracks EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This is why I harp on getting fitness into your everyday life habits, so that when you don’t have time to “workout” you’re still easily squatting to weed the garden, confidently running to catch your dog, nonchalantly walking to the store, gracefully carrying an armful of kids and groceries…

Fit2b is just your warm up for life.

Life the real workout.

On that note, I have another video for you to watch.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-course as much as I have enjoyed writing it. There’s still a couple of quiz questions, and I’d like to remind you yet again that you can access this course for as long as you have it.

Blessings on your booty and all that it does for you and – through you – for others! 

Beth & The Fit2B Team