Lesson 1: Squat Goals

Here is a common question I get asked a lot, and it’s pretty much the sole reason why I created this week’s focus routines which you’ll find linked below:

“Hey, Beth! Do you have any TummySafe tips for picking up a heavy toddler, dog, bag of groceries, basket of laundry, whatever?”

Here’s my answer to that:

  • Squat down right in front of whatever you want to lift.
  • Keep your knees wide. Keep your toes pointing the same way as your knees.
  • Exhale and engage your core while you hug or pull close whatever you’re lifting.
  • Exhale again and squeeze your knees slightly outward, activating your glutes and firming your side hip musles before standing straight up.

If you have trouble squatting deeply without losing your balance or feeling uncomfortable, then you need to strengthen your core assets {if you know what I mean} and that’s where this first lesson’s videos can help!

Week One Goal: Two Videos

Your goal is to do each of these routines at least once this week before Lesson 2 brings you another great glute routine in 7 days!


As you go through those two videos, think about how practicing them will help you in various chores and situations. Think about how they apply to your daily life.

Now Let’s Wrap Up!

The lessons in this mini course will come to you once a week.

You have 7 whole days to complete the routines in each lesson, so don’t stress about getting it done. There’s plenty of time.

This mini course should motivate and encourage you while helping you apply the workouts to everyday motions.

Each lesson is about this same length with some fresh information, links to articles, a couple easy-peasy quiz questions, and featured routine you can read or do later.

This is the only week you get two routines, and that’s because they’re short + their concepts are key to bringing your backend back online.

That’s all for this first lesson!

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Beth & The Fit2B Team