EP 21 – The One About CrossFit with Brianna Battles

EP 21 – The One About CrossFit with Brianna Battles

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Is it enough to tell women to listen to their bodies, especially when they are high-level athletes accustomed to pushing through pain? Brianna Battles is a strength and conditioning coach who is changing the landscape for female CrossFit athletes. She believes we have to do more than say “do this” or “don’t do that” when it comes to modifications, and she also believes women can safely return to competitions within a year postpartum if they have the right support and strategies. Her methods and smart, thought-provoking words challenge us all in a good way!

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Fit2B Radio Cam

Brianna had to record with us from her car because #momlife right? We still got her on video, so here’s your chance to get the behind the scenes view!

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