S2:14 The One About Pessaries With Gaynor Morgan

If you don’t know what a pessary is, let’s start by saying it’s a quality-of-life-saving device, and in this episode of Fit2B Radio, we interview the maker of one: Gaynor Morgan started out as a nurse and invented a leading pessary called “Incostress” that stops incontinence and helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Gaynor’s original invention was for her mother who was facing this condition and couldn’t find a solution after the surgery failed her. However, Incostress went to clinical trial in the UK where 30% of the patients came off the waiting list for surgery, and a further 78% showed a significant improvement in stopping their stress incontinence. After her mother passed away suddenly in 2004, Gaynor opened her company in memory of her, vowing to continue to help as many women as possible. She began developing other medical devices to help women who show symptoms of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse issues. She has worked with some of the leading doctors in this field and has helped pessary manufacturers with designs of pessaries. She has won several international awards for the work she has done in the female health sector and continues her work training medical staff and personal trainers while also advocating for more women’s health physiotherapists and personal trainers to work with the pelvic floor. Not all pessaries are created equal, so don’t miss the VIDEO version of this podcast!

Visit Gaynor Morgan’s websites pelvicorganprolapse.org and pelvicangel.com

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6 thoughts on “S2:14 The One About Pessaries With Gaynor Morgan

  1. Linda Minter says:

    Thank you so so much for doing this show!! I have been using a pessary for 25 years, however, I now question if the one I am using is the best one for me. I started using it after my 7th child. Then I had a very large dermoid cyst removed along with my right ovary and Fallopian tube. Afterwards I didn’t need the pessary again until after I had my 8th child. I used one pessary for several years, but then my new doctor wasn’t familiar with it and so switched me to a ring, which didn’t work at all, and then to a sort of ring with a membrane that also has a little handle sort of thing on it. I have been using the largest one for years, but it is more sideways than horizontal. I’m not sure if that is because of weak muscles or what. Anyway, I don’t know of a good therapist to go to for help. I live in south eastern Connecticut. I also have some minor bleeding at times. Can you help me?

    Thank you,
    L Minter

  2. Linda says:

    Are there any pelvic floor therapist near south eastern Connecticut that follow the Fit2B and TUMMYTEAM methods? I have Ben using a pessary for 25 years but had no idea there were so many types. My doctor only uses a couple kinds. I’m not sure I have right one for me.

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