S2:13 The One About COVID-19

S2:13 The One About COVID-19 - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows that many people have decided to self quarantine. With gyms having to close their doors women are asking, “How do I workout from home?” Listen in as Beth and Chris discuss what's going on and how we can keep our immune systems healthy with the right kind of exercise during this unprecedented time. #fit2b #workoutfromhome #podcast #fitness #podcastsforwomen

How should you exercise when you’re stuck at home trying to avoid a pandemic? What should you be aware of when looking for online workouts? How about setting up your own workouts at home? In this special episode of Fit2B Radio, Chris and Beth discuss appropriate exercise intensity levels, home workout options, and what to consider during the COVID-19 crisis. They also discuss the different experiences they are having in their states: Oregon and Washington, USA. We hope this short podcast brings insight, lessens fear, and helps people move better during this time.

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