S2:12 The One About Twin Pregnancy With Missy Gallow

The One About Twin Pregnancy Recovery - Fit2B.com - Fit2B knows women ask, “What exercise can I do to have a strong pregnancy and birth?” and “What can I do to recover from my pregnancy?” We think the answer lies in a combination of physical therapy and fitness motivation. Listen in as Fit2B interviews a physical therapist and cross-fit athlete who gave birth to twins. We discuss diastasis recti exercises, c section, nursing, lower back pain, and postpartum issues. #fit2b #fitnessmotivation #podcast #pregnancy #diastasisrectiexercises

Twin pregnancy and recovery is NOT the same as carrying and recovering from just one baby, and we found a women’s health physical therapist who has had twins herself to talk about it. Missy Gallow joins us in this 12 episode of Season 2 to discuss the nitty gritty of what being pregnant with multiples is really like. We discuss twin skin, pelvic floor, Diastasis Recti, vaginal vs. cesarean births, and what an intentional, well-planned recovery could look like.

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