Tummy Tuck Time: Member Spotlight on Lauren Ferrin

Fit2B Radio Tummy Tuck Time

What if you decide to look into having a tummy tuck? Does that mean you failed? Does it mean you were unable to fix your Diastasis Recti? What do you need to know if you’ve truly exhausted all your options? Do you even need to ‘exhaust’ all your options? Meet Lauren. She’s a member of Fit2B who graciously said ‘yes” to sharing her story on our FIRST member spotlight episode. Her journey is authentic and raw. She shares nearly everything about her journey through abdominal rehab, using Fit2B, how and why she decided to get abdominoplasty surgery on her stomach muscles, what recovery was like, and so much more. She has wonderful words of advice and comfort to offer anyone who is considering this option for their abs to close their gap. Spoiler alert: You’re going to walk away better informed and more compassionate toward those who go this route for healing their Diastasis Recti. Second spoiler: Surgery isn’t the end of her journey. This episode is going to change your mind.

Fit2B Radio Tummy Tuck Time

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