Pelvic Pain with Dr. Sinead Dufour

Pelvic Pain with Dr. Sinead Dufour

If you’ve dealt with a painful pubic bone – like you feel like there’s a knife in your crotch whenever you step over something – or a super sore lower back, aching hips, and feel like you can barely walk during pregnancy and beyond, then you need to give this show a listen. We brought Dr. Sinead Dufour onto our show to discuss all types of “Pelvic Girdle Pain” which encompasses pubic symphysis, sacroiliac dysfunction, and many other conditions that can plague some women during and after pregnancy. Her approach may surprise you, but it’s based on evidence and current research on pain. Hint: It doesn’t involve moving like a mermaid. Second hint: It’s not “all in your head.” However, we are going to talk a lot about your brain and the choices you can make about your exercise and movements. Be sure you listen to the whole thing because she offers a brilliant 10 minute pattern for pelvic pain at the end. Try it and let us know if it helps you, okay?

Dr. Sinead’s website – World Of My Baby (WOMB)

Free Pubic Symphysis exercise routine from Fit2B

Pelvic Pain with Dr. Sinead Dufour

3 thoughts on “Pelvic Pain with Dr. Sinead Dufour

  1. Alexandria Phillips says:

    I am not going to lie, I was skeptical. BUT IT WORKS!!

    I am a year out from baby #6. I have suffered from pelvic “issues” since my second pregnancy but they always resolved after birth. Not this time. I am actually in more pain now than i was during pregnancy. I was a bit put off during the beginning of the podcast. I have been a chronic pain patient for years and have been told “it is all in your head” a lot. I know that is not what Dr. Sinead was saying but it hit that “nerve”. But I kept listening and I am so glad I did. And I do see how 4 losses before my last pregnancy and the anxiety I held for that entire pregnancy and a hard delivery with shoulder dystocia could all be factors in my issue. I went and did about 20 min of house work and my low low back was screaming at me. So I told my husband I needed 9 min and went to our room and did her 3 moves. When i got up I was pain free. Not kidding. I am pretty sure I will be doing this move multiple times a day but hopefully as I keep working on it I wont have to do the wall moves as much. Maybe I will even get to a point where I only need to take a break at 3pm. For everyone that put their time and money and effort into making this podcast and spreading the word, thank you so much. There is not amount of money I could even give you to express my gratitude.

    A woman who was starting to think she was broken forever

  2. Christy says:

    It looks like the video still works but I can’t get the podcast to work on this page or on other platforms.

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