Pelvic Pain with Dr. Sinead Dufour

Pelvic Pain with Dr. Sinead Dufour

If you’ve dealt with a painful pubic bone – like you feel like there’s a knife in your crotch whenever you step over something – or a super sore lower back, aching hips, and feel like you can barely walk during pregnancy and beyond, then you need to give this show a listen. We brought Dr. Sinead Dufour onto our show to discuss all types of “Pelvic Girdle Pain” which encompasses pubic symphysis, sacroiliac dysfunction, and many other conditions that can plague some women during and after pregnancy. Her approach may surprise you, but it’s based on evidence and current research on pain. Hint: It doesn’t involve moving like a mermaid. Second hint: It’s not “all in your head.” However, we are going to talk a lot about your brain and the choices you can make about your exercise and movements. Be sure you listen to the whole thing because she offers a brilliant 10 minute pattern for pelvic pain at the end. Try it and let us know if it helps you, okay?

Dr. Sinead’s website – World Of My Baby (WOMB)

Free Pubic Symphysis exercise routine from Fit2B

Pelvic Pain with Dr. Sinead Dufour

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