EP 37- The One About Postpartum With Leah Outten

The One About Postpartum with Leah Outten - Fit2B.com

If only there was a magic formula for recovering moms right after they have their baby? Oh wait, there might just be one! This show’s guest, Leah Outten, has birthed 5 babies and loves to encourage women through their postpartum recovery. She is the founder of The Grace Bond, and she has so many wonderful tips and wise words – not just for those giving birth – for those serving a supportive role. What is really needed? Is bed rest important? When is it safe to return to fitness? What should exercise look like?

Read Leah’s blog about what the placenta has to do with resting HERE and subscribe to her newsletter to receive a FREE printable checklist on how to prepare for postpartum rest and healing in the first weeks. It includes many of the tips are mentioned on the podcast along with other suggestions and links to make postpartum easier.

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