EP 38 – The One About Constipation With Michelle Lyons

EP 38 – The One About Constipation With Michelle Lyons

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We almost called it “The One About Borborygmas” because that’s the sound our colons make as they process poop which is really the focus of this whole episode — that is, how it impacts our cores. One of our very favorite pelvic floor physios, Michelle Lyons, is back to discuss how the pooping process {or lack thereof when things are backed up} can dramatically impact your belly and your whole life! This might be the funniest show we’ve ever done. If you don’t believe us, well, just wait until she has Beth make sounds… because when things are stuck, there are 5 sounds that might help you along: grunting, hissing, shhh-ing, mooing, and roaring! Which one works for you? Learn the science of a good poo and how good pooping mechanics can help your diastasis recti in this awesome episode!

Find Michelle at CelebrateMuliebrity.com

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