EP 50 – The one about women’s hearts With Michelle Lyons

EP 50 – The one about women’s hearts With Michelle Lyons

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You know exercise improves heart health, but why? And is it just cardio that does the trick? What about weightlifting? This episode has the sweetest info on female heart health, and we’re pretty sure that listening to it (and using our home workout videos) will lower your blood pressure a tad as one of our all-time favorite guest experts, Michelle Lyons, rejoins us for another thought-provoking episode on the importance of taking care of our tickers.

Visit Michelle’s website: Celebrate Muliebrity

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The One About Women's Hearts - Fit2B.com - People talk about heart health and exercise, but what types: cardio, weightlifting, lower body workouts, ab workouts? Should you begin a weightloss program and research heart health recipes? Listen in and get the best heart health tips! #heart #hearthealth #womenshearts #cardiovascular #fitnessjourney #health #healthy #AmericanHeartAssociation #core #strengthtraining  #cardio #corestrengthening #diastasisrecti #weightloss #homefitness #fitnessmotivation #podcast #diastasis #selfcare #fit2b

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