EP 44 – The One About Footwear With Unshoes

EP 44 – The One About Footwear With Unshoes

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What if shoes protect us a little too much? What if they shape us more than we realize? What if less is more when it comes to footwear? Join us as we interview the founder of Unshoes, Terral Fox, and discuss how footwear affects our gait, alignment, sensory input, and how our feet affect the entire body! Terral’s mission is creating footwear that gets out of the way as much as possible and allows the feet to do their job. But why are minimal shoes often more expensive? Tune in as we talk about all these hot topics!

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Here is the link to the Unshoes Foragers that Beth shows

And here are the pretty primrose sandals

Here is Beth’s blog on how flexible shoes can help your fitness

Fit2B Radio Cam

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