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EP 45 – The One About Hypopressives With Kim Vopni


EP 45 – The One About Hypopressives With Kim Vopni

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Hypopressives are currently trending in the world of core training and pelvic floor rehab, but what are they? They’re more than a stomach vacuum. They’re definitely low pressure fitness for the abs. Finding out how to do them is hard, though, so we invited previous Fit2B Radio guest expert, Kim Vopni, the Vagina Coach, back onto our show to discuss, demonstrate AND cue Beth through the basics. There’s a lot of tummy talk in this show for sure, and you don’t want to miss hearing all the ways that this unique type of breath work (or maybe it’s the opposite of breathing) can help your body.

Visit Kim’s website 

Kim’s video of a basic Hypopressive

Check out the course Beth will be taking on Hypopressives with Pelvic Guru


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