EP 27 – The One About Squats With Beth & Chris

Fit2B Radio Podcast: The One About Squats - fit2b.com

Squats are more than squats, and this short podcast is FULL of super squatting info. We used to think they were simple: Just drop down, hover for a moment, and then stand back up again, right? Yeah, but how do they impact our daily life? How can we do more of them naturally? How can you squat deeper? Are they really a replacement for kegels because of how they work your core? If you want a detailed understanding of squats and the ability to dive into a deeper squatting position, this is the show for you!

Try our FREE squat prep tutorial in this vlog with all the little things about squats

Fit2B Members, after you do the basic squat prep video, move on to the Squat Challenge routine

Got kids? This Partner Squat routine can be done with little kids or big kids of any age

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The One About Squats - fit2b.com - Listen in as we podcast about whether squats impact daily life? Are these leg exercises also great as core workouts? Can you do them safely in your home workout or at the gym if you have diastasis postpartum? - #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #getfit #podcast #fitmomlife #bodypositive #fitmom  #strongnotskinny #homefitness #abworkout #homeworkouts_4u #healthylife #healthylifestyle #fitnessroutine #coreworkouts #core #diastasisrecti #diastasis #fit2b #postpartum

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