EP 11 – The One About Strong Births, Adriana Lozada

EP 11 - The One About Strong Births, Adriana Lozada- Fit2B.com

What is needed for a strong birth and recovery? What choices and plans can be made ahead of time to facilitate an empowered, informed labor, delivery and recovery? Adriana Lozada, a doula and founder of The Birthful Podcast, joined us to offer her wisdom. We learned some new things, such as the impact of closing the legs slightly as baby crowns and why 10 cm is seldom the time to push! You’ll finish this fitness podcast with more education and awareness than before!

You can find Adriana at Birthful.com

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We always “video” the podcast being produced! Here’s your chance to get the behind the scenes view!

The One About Strong Births with Adriana Lozada - Fit2B.com - Can prenatal workout videos help you while you’re pregnant? What about prenatal diet nutrition? Listen to our podcast for women as we discuss birth plans, delivery, and postpartum to help you recover. As always, we are diastasis recti safe. #fitpregnancy #fitmom #pregnancy #weekspregnant #pregnant #healthypregnancy #fitnessmotivation #momtobe #momlife #babybump #pregnantbelly #maternity #postpartum #thirdtrimester #pregnantlife #mommytobe #preggo #diastasis #diastasisrecti #fit2b

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