EP 10 – The One With The Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni

EP 10 - The One with the Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni - Fit2B.com

Every woman needs a vagina coach. That got your attention didn’t it? While taboos inhibit talk around this private area, Kim joined us to talk openly about her work to raise awareness of all the ways women can find help, hope and healing for their pelvic-related problems. It’s more than kegels. It’s more than estrogen cream. You have a lot of options for strengthening your pelvic floor -whether you’ve never had a baby or it’s been 20 years since you gave birth – Kim is here to offer intelligent insight.

You can find Kim’s book on Pregnancy Fitness here, and her websites are: vaginacoach.com, kegelmojo.com and Bellies Inc

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The One with the Vagina Coach - Fit2B.com - What kind of pelvic floor exercises and diastasis recti workout is best for women for core strenghtening their postpartum body? Listen in as we discuss this and more with the Vagina Coach. #peoplewithvaginas #womensupportingwomen #women #womenhood #womanhood #peoplewithperiods #peoplewithperiodproblems #pms #postpartum #diastasis #diastasisrecti #girlpower #fertility #fit2b #momlife #fitpregnancy #fitnessjourney #homeworkout #homeexercises #befitvideos

One thought on “EP 10 – The One With The Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni

  1. Kandy Woodard says:

    Thank you so much. I am so excited for this podcast. I was listening while I walked despite my training program calling for a run. Because of what I’ve learned from Beth and Fit2B I listened to my very sore body and walked. And I got to the part about Runner’s and just smiled. That’s me. Intense. But I’m trying to learn and change. I was at first very disappointed with myself for not running. But now I am glad I listened. I want a strong body not a broken one.

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