EP 23 – The One About Kettlebells With Haley Shevener

The One About Kettlebells With Haley Shevener - Fit2B.com - Listen to our podcast for women as we discuss kettle bell workouts even if you suffer from prolapse, diastasis recti, or other pelvic floor issues. #kettlebell #momswholift #reachyourgoals #strongerthanyesterday #bodybuilding #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlsworldwide #lowerbodyworkout #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #whstrong #bodypositive #fitmomlife #fitmom #sweateveryday #strongnotskinnycross #diastasisrecti #diastasis #fit2b

Quite possibly our sauciest show ever, this episode gets real about what it’s like to crank out kettlebell exercises with prolapse. As you know training with a bell can be super strenuous, and the breathing mechanics can be tricksy. Haley has solid, authentic insights for you, and she says it like it is. She and Beth both enjoy thinking outside the traditional movement box, redeeming “bad” body parts, and coming up with interesting hashtags.

You can follow Haley on Instagram @haleyshevener and visit her website or checkout her female-specific kettlebell program here

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The One About Kettlebells With Haley Shevener - Fit2B.com - Can you perform normal kettlebell squats or do a kettle bell ab workout if you suffer from prolapse or diastasis recti? Listen to our podcast as we discuss kettle bell workouts and modifications. #kettlebell #momswholift #reachyourgoals #strongerthanyesterday #bodybuilding #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlsworldwide #lowerbodyworkout #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #whstrong #bodypositive #fitmomlife #fitmom #sweateveryday #strongnotskinnycross #diastasisrecti #diastasis #fit2b

Show Transcript

Chris Behnke:                                  Hey everybody, welcome to Fit 2 B Radio. My name is Chris Behnke. I’ll be your host today. I’m here with Beth Learn. She’s the CEO and Founder of Fit2B Studio. As always, she’s happy and smiling and ready. We also have with us Haley Shevener as our guest. Very excited to talk to you. Haley, where are you? I think you mentioned you’re east coast? Where are you?

Haley Shevener:                              The opposite. I’m in San Francisco, California.

Chris Behnke:                                  Okay, okay. I thought I heard a New York in there in the pre-show, but the husband is for New York.

Beth Learn:                                      No, she was talking about the states.

Chris Behnke:                                  The states.

Beth Learn:                                      Okay, now we have to say why we were talking about that.

Chris Behnke:                                  Okay, okay. So to tell us how we got into this.

Beth Learn:                                      Yes, it’s because of her last name.

Haley Shevener:                              Oh, right, yes. We were talking about how my husband and I, when we got married we decided to combine the letters of our last name to become Shevener, and that the states of California, New York, and I believe there’s one other state allows for this process to happen without having to pay extra and put an ad in the paper kind of a thing when you get married.

Chris Behnke:                                  Got it.

Beth Learn:                                      There we go.

Chris Behnke:                                  But you’re not in New York.

Haley Shevener:                                Not in New York, California.

Chris Behnke:                                  Whereabout in California?

Haley Shevener:                                San Francisco.

Beth Learn:                                      Yes.

Chris Behnke:                                  How long have you been there? Do you like it there?

Haley Shevener:                              My whole life. I have never lived anywhere else.

Chris Behnke:                                  Wow. So you must like it.

Haley Shevener:                              Yeah, I mean I think I do. The thought of leaving is more overwhelming than considering whether or not I’d live somewhere else, but my parents are here. I’m really comfortable here. I don’t drive so that really limits my choices.

Chris Behnke:                                  Yeah, yeah.

Haley Shevener:                              And this is just a really nice … I mean, of all the places to call home if you don’t have a car and you move out here, this is a great place.

Chris Behnke:                                  So has it changed? I mean you’ve been there your whole life. Has it changed a lot?

Haley Shevener:                              Oh yeah, oh yeah. I mean, just the area where I grew up is dramatically different. My dad bought the house in 1972 for $20,000.

Chris Behnke:                                  Wow.

Haley Shevener:                              It’s about $3 million piece of land at this point. It’s just ridiculous and going down to the places where I used to go growing up, it’s completely changed. Everything’s different.

Chris Behnke:                                  Yeah. Well, it’s a fun place.

Haley Shevener:                               Yeah.

Chris Behnke:                                  Cool. Well, thanks for spending time with us today.

Haley Shevener:                              Absolutely.

Chris Behnke:                                  We’re excited to talk with you. So how did you and Beth connect? I always like asking that question to kind of figure where the connection is.

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