EP 15 – The One About Depression With Dr. Hyatt

EP 15 – The One About Depression With Dr. Hyatt

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How does fitness impact depression? Are there foods that can help fight mood swings? What tests should you have your doctor do to help you solve {not just medicate} your real root issues? Dr. Timothy Hyatt is a functional medicine naturopathic doctor who also works in a lab, providing feedback on organic acid and saliva tests to doctors worldwide. This podcast is full of deep insights on depression, exercise, and nutrition that could change your life!

NOTE: After EQ helped Alice so much, Chris reached out to Dr. Timothy Hyatt and began working to help grow the company’s reach. He helped build the company’s affiliate system, and we are proud to say that Fit2B became the first to sign up to further promote this product that has helped our families so much. Even before we were able to make a small commission on the sales of EQ – at no additional cost to purchasers – we were singing its praises. You can use our affiliate link here [click] or our regular link here [click].

If you want to learn more about Alice’s story you can follow her here [click] http://rawalice.com

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