EP 18 – The One About Ab Splinting With Celeste Goodson

The One About Ab Splinting with Celeste Goodson - Fit2B.com

Meet the maker of one of our favorite therapeutic splints for diastasis recti and core rehabilitation. As a mom and runner, Celeste saw a need for a splint that would meet the needs of athletes. In this episode we discuss core fitness progression for postpartum women, training elite athletes to everyday athletes, and splinting an abdominal gap when incontinence and prolapse are also present.

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3 thoughts on “EP 18 – The One About Ab Splinting With Celeste Goodson

      • Cami Brown says:

        I have a long torso and due to having 6 children several surgeries and one that shredded my rectus sheath I’m having alot of trouble finding help. First I was told there was nothing I could do. Then I got a diagnosis of diastasis recti and it began opening doors. I found you by way of Pinterest. Now I have questions…
        I have 2 separate 2 foot scars one going across the base of my abdomen the other going up the left side. The hospital had to use 2 bands for me because of the huge hematoma and while it helped some it took 2 people to put the strap on and it was not long or wide enough hence 2 bands which made it easier to go around but didnt go long enough. Do you have varying sizes in length as well as width? It looks easy to put on. I would love to try one but I need the right width and height.

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