If you could do anything…

What would you do if you could eliminate all of your current physical or financial or emotional barriers and do ANYTHING? Forget the fact that this is a Tummy Safe™ fitness site, and that you may have a diastasis. Put EVERY injury, every ache, every pain aside for a moment.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to downhill ski, but “It costs too much and I’d look ridiculous, and they probably don’t make bibs in my size!” But again I ask, what athletic feat would you strive to accomplish if you had the strength, the stamina, the patience, the fearlessness, your pre-pregnant body, the drive, the motivation TO DO IT? Here’s what some of our facebook fans had to say:

Blair –>Climb every mountain in the northwest!

Teresa–>Run for miles along the ocean and breathe in the cold misty air

Becky–>Go rock climbing! I have always thought that was so neat. Also, snow boarding!!!

Iyesha–>I’d be hiking up a tremendously tall mountain and running off it with a hanglider!


I talk to a lot of people who say “I can’t.” But in my mind the word “can’t” is a dirty four-letter word that is far worse for you mind and body and soul than F*** or Sh** … My mom would add “damn” to that list because she’s sweet like that. If you have told yourself that YOU CAN’T do something because you are scared or you body is too big, too small, too weak, too fat, then you are lying to yourself and YOU are your own worst barrier to chasing the dreams that your creator has given you. Let me encourage you in this short video, but grab your kleenex first.

fit2b video blog | If you could do ANYTHING? from fit2b.us on Vimeo.

God made this world for us to explore and enjoy. His plan is NOT for you to fall apart as you age but for you to stay strong, healthy and fit. Just because you’ve been pregnant, you don’t have to settle for stress incontinence, diastasis and a weak core. Just because you had knee surgery, you don’t have to settle for never hiking again. Just because your hips are full of osteoporosis, you don’t have sit in a chair the rest of your life. In fact, the opposite is true, and you are DESIGNED to heal!!! So if you could do ANYTHING, what would YOU do? Comment below!

Beth Learn
Beth Learn

Hi there! I'm the founder and CEO of Fit2B Studio, LLC here at fit2b.com where you are hanging out right now! As you may {or may not} know, we provide home fitness routines and resources for those who wish to get all-over strong starting with their cores! We are your warm up for life, and our mission is "Changing lives one tummy at a time." Why? So you can look better in a swimsuit? Well, that's a lovely side-effect of our workouts, but my heart is to help you be a stronger contributor to your family, community, and world! I believe your core matters because it’s at the middle of you, and you are in the middle of your home which is where your ability to make a difference in this world starts! If your middle is muddled, then everything you’re in the middle of - motherhood, ministry, making dinner (yes I love alliterations) - will be muddled by your middle’s muddling. Say that five times fast. Ha! Anyway, yeah, I live on a little farm in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and two children, 14 chickens, 3 goats, 4 cats, 2 horses, 1 Digory Dog and a Chihuahua named Charlie who is NOT allowed inside for very good reasons. My hobbies include reading very long historical fiction novels, natural homesteading, fermenting foods, race walking, crocheting rag rugs out of t-shirt yarn, a little bit of piano, and OF COURSE lifting heavy things and playing with exercise props! Join me here at Fit2B and find a new perspective on working out that will create lasting changes in your body and mind!

3 thoughts on “If you could do anything…

  1. Traci says:

    I’d like to go back to Vashon island and actually be able to bike those hills…all that is in my way is a bike with gears and some quality time increasing my endurance. I was just about to go walk my dog…it occurs to me know that I can run him on my bike instead!

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