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Beautiful Shoulder Stretching Routine - fit2b.com

When your shoulders are bound up tight, that tension carries over to our neck, jaw, chest, core… it’s no fun! So let’s relax and release our deltoid {shoulder} muscles during this delightful set of moves that I’ve been using almost daily to keep my own clavicles out of my ears! This routine would go nicely with The Neck Routine + Face & Neck Yoga or as a warm up or cool down to any of our arm workouts like those found here. No equipment needed.

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9 thoughts on “E/TS – Shoulder Stretches

  1. Jennifer says:

    This was a great workout to do on this Sunday afternoon to pamper myself – thank you! I will keep it in mind too to combine with other workouts.

  2. Lauren says:

    This was absolutely amazing as a nursing mama! I have such a tight chest and shoulders from the constant night feedings and daily grind of being a nursing mom, this was like a little slice of heaven!

  3. Annette says:

    My 10 year old daughter, Miri said it felt so much better to roll the shoulders at the end! We enjoyed doing this together as a momma and daughter workout! 🙂
    Miri says, “Thank you Beth!”

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