M/TS Baby Lift

A sweet thank you to member, Leah, for lending us little Patrick for this workout where you will learn how to exercise with your baby in a safe manner. This interactive routine is gentle yet thorough, dealing with alignment while holding your child, fun movements with your baby as the “weight,” and total body moves that strengthen and tone your core in a diastasis-safe way.

Equipment Needed: A baby… or a really cooperative cat?

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7 thoughts on “M/TS Baby Lift

  1. Karen says:

    Im a little confused by the breathing pattern. Im also a member of mutu, and was taught to exhale on the way up from the squat. I not sure whats the correct way to breathe during a squat.

    • Beth Learn says:

      Hi Karen, the important thing is that you breathe during a squat. Period. Many people hold their breath while squatting which causes bracing or bearing down. MuTu is a wonderful program, and her method isn’t wrong. It’s also taught by The Tummy Team. I refer to both programs quite frequently. However, Fit2B isn’t a program. We are ongoing fitness with the intention of getting you back into bigger motions, and with that purpose in mind, I want your core to be “on” before those motions, or at the very least as those motions are starting. The downward phase of a squat is eccentric and thus harden on the muscles in many ways, especially when we add extra load to the motion like a baby or barbells. So I like to exhale to engage for that. You’ll notice I teach it the other way for other videos during which the squat isn’t loaded. Don’t let it confuse you. Trust that if you’re breathing at least once per repetition, minus any holding or bracing or bearing down, that will serve you well. I hope this helps make things as clear as mud. Bottom line: Breathe out before you do all the things.

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