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M/TS Baby Lift

A sweet thank you to member, Leah, for lending us little Patrick for this workout where you will learn how to exercise with your baby in a safe manner. This interactive routine is gentle yet thorough, dealing with alignment while holding your child, fun movements with your baby as the “weight,” and total body moves […]

Her Doctor Said This About Her Belly, and I’m Furious!

Dear Doctor who doesn’t understand diastasis or how it has impacted me and my friends, my cllients, our bodies, our lives, our ability to mother, our comfort in the bedroom, even the way we laughed for a while… I hope you read this! I’m angry at you. You should have known about this common abdominal […]

Fit2B Molly – the One Where She Dressed up Like a Diastasis

Fit2B Molly dresses up like a diastasis recti to raise awareness about the connection between flat abs and healing the core. Fit2B.com

“How did I not know about this?!?” is what I hear every time I talk to a new member on the phone during their consultation call. “Why didn’t my OB check my stomach for this gap and give me a splint? Why did my chiropractor not know what it is and tell me to do […]