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Many people with weak cores and back pain turn to yoga for help, but if you have diastasis recti, many yoga poses should be approached with caution. This shocking photo will hopefully help all of you better understand how DEEPLY a diastasis recti affects your abdominal’s appearance, function and integrity. That is one my members […]

Every personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and gym junkie has an opinion about what works best for the core: crunches, cardio, CrossFit, Pilates, Kegels, Yoga, or no crunches, no carbs, no Kegels, no CrossFit, and the debate rages on and on. This article provides three Pinnable and printable workouts you can take to the gym as […]

Holding your tummy in all the time is NOT the solution for your big belly. In fact “holding stuff in” benefits FEW facets of our life. Yes, I know, sometimes we just don’t know how to let go of stuff, and by “stuff” I mean dreams, children, tummies, that one exercise we just can’t seem […]

It’s all about “the more” … the diastasis which is caused by more pressure than normal, the stress that’s caused by pressure to do more, the anxiety that’s cause by pressure to be more, the adrenal fatigue that’s caused by all of those and the need to sleep more and have more caffeine to do […]

Crunches are thought of as the most simple, easy-peasy go-to exercise for your belly muscles. Turns out, they require a fair amount of technique training to do properly without bulging the very area you may be trying to flatten. Not that we’re opposed to curves around here! I’ve got a few natural ones myself, right?! […]

Being pregnant and having babies ruins our waistlines…Getting older ruins our waistlines…Eating too much ruins our waistlines…Or does it? These framed photos on the wall of my favorite local antique shop caught my eye. They’re from a bygone era that didn’t have photo shop, but perhaps they were still re-touched or re-drawn a bit? Well, I […]