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Fun and short office routines by fit2b.com

Welcome to the Office Workout section of Fit2B Studio!

Working at a desk for several hours a day can take its toll on your posture, digestion, core health, hip flexibility, lower back strength… the list of debilitating effects goes on and on! The first thing you can do to fight those effects is switch to a standing work station. The second thing is to implement these basic, short routines into each of your work days. Read more about this project below.

Let’s start with your core

The best place to begin is in your belly. Did you know your breathing can exercise your abs? Spend a couple minutes every day focusing on your core breath. If you struggle to master this basic breathing pattern, and your abs tend to bulge, cone or dome when you do traditional exercises like crunches and situps, please check your belly for a diastasis recti here!

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Chair Stretches with Joe – 6 minutes

All Abs – 6 minutes

Shoulder Training with Joe – 4 minutes

Tricep Training – 9 minutes

Bicep Training with Joe – 3 minutes

Yoga Flow – 5 minutes

Quick Cardio with Joe – 3 minutes

Hip Training – 7 minutes


Marching Workout – 5 minutes


Now, for some Challenges!

Flexibility & Balance Challenge

Plank Challenge with Joe

Simple Balance Challenge

Shoulder Challenge with Joe

For more workouts you can do with a chair, please visit our “Sit & Get Fit” workouts!

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