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I’m a real woman, so I do lots of multitasking. I have this fitness site, but I also edit for indie authors, crochet rugs out of t-shirt yarn, give lectures in my community about diastasis, spend lots of time in birth conversations (yes, I want another one), and I’m also a mom, taxi-driver, cook, maid, lover to my husband, church volunteer, friend…  Thus many are confused about what I’m really about, so I got a lovely grilling from a true friend last week, wanting to know what I’m most passionate about.

She was like “You have a fitness site. You always talk about the diastasis thing… BUT WHAT IS YOUR FOCUS???” To put it simply, it’s progression. As a true fitness professional who has never stopped reading the research, I believe most of the modern fitness industry has lost its way in terms of real progression. In other words, where do we start people? How do we take those who are injured, recovering from pregnancy or surgery, or just at a complete stop and get them safely moving FOREVER… not just until they’re too sore to move again. You feel me? CrossFit, Turbo whatever, Jillian, even the majority of baby stroller bootcamps are often too much for beginners, yet they’ll buy into it because of they see themselves in the sweaty six pack on the cover and they are desperate to believe that 90-day promise.

A few of the rugs I’ve made in my “spare” time 🙂

I am convinced that it all starts in the core. We have to heal the core from the inside out, then people will feel strong enough to take on more and MOVE more. If the workout just tears the core apart, then we are going backwards! This site contains videos of me, Bethany Learn, going back to the basics and then PROGRESSING my clients onward and upward. We must start by healing the core. Often I send people AWAY from me to do rehab with groups like The Tummy Team (Here’s my story about my diastasis rehab with The Tummy Team)

I’m not totally against CrossFit or boot camps, but many of them utilize motions that are not suitable for every person in those big frenzied groups, and they often contain movements that the research is now saying cause more harm than good!!! Scary! We need progression, and I’m here for those who know they need those baby steps.

Fit2B Studio is my hard-wired giftings and talents at work … the rugs and the editing are my HOBBIES! My kids are my main career right now… as I wrote this, I stopped four times to tend to various needs. That’s the BEAUTY of doing all this from home.

What I'm Really About...progression...

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