Walking Poetry I

Words and motion are intertwined in my mind. I was a writer first and a “worker outer” second. I literally went to college to be a political journalist, but exercise science called more loudly to my soul. Perhaps this is why quotes and poetry that contain a sense of ambulation and anatomy in motion really speak to me. Knowing that some people really struggle to move at all – even take a short walk – because it can feel like a selfish or empty practice, I was recently inspired to offer poetry and quotes for a short series of audio walking tracks. This is the first of what I hope will be a progressively timed series, beginning with this one at just 5 minutes. The next ones will be 10 minutes, then 15 and 20 minutes, encouraging people to build their endurance and go a bit further.  I hope you enjoy this bit of poetry in motion, and please leave a comment if you have a poem you’d like me to read.

Credit to Tanner Olson, Robert Frost, Tony Robbins, Leigh Hunt, and Audrey Hepburn

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