1000th Facebook Fan Giveaway!

We launched our facebook fitness page just shortly before we launched Fit2B Studio. The name “Fit to Be Us” is based on our domain name. We wanted a dot-com name, but we couldn’t afford one at the time. When fit2b.us popped up as a possibility, and we said it out loud to each other, we instantly loved it! You decide you are “fit to be us.” Anyone can be “fit to be us.” As a human race, there are no exclusions; anyone can get into better shape. Some pages use a lot of ads to build their fan base, and we did a minimal amount of that, but we would rather build by word of mouth and pure reputation. If you like us, like us!

We did a giveaway to celebrate our 1,000th facebook fan. We posted a particular status as soon as we got to 1,000 likes. People who liked that status were entered into a drawing. The above link takes you to a video showing my son saying congratulations and trying to read the winning numbers. I have a video of him actually doing the drawing, but it took way too long and made the file too large, so we had to condense it to the best part. So congratulations to…

Tara of Epidavros Center for Wellbeing who won a small tub of our luxurious organic “YoCoCo Mint Creme” body butter!

Jessica Mar of MomVantage who won a free DVD!

Michelle Brown who won 3 free months of membership to Fit2B Studio!

By the way, my nails were done yesterday by LaFleur Nails & Spa. They just launched their own facebook page, so go give them a like if you live in the Portland, Oregon area 🙂

One thought on “1000th Facebook Fan Giveaway!

  1. MichelleBrown says:

    Wow! I won something! Thanks! This is a great prize! I’ve enjoyed working out at home and having a variety of workouts to choose from! Fit2bus is a great workout site and a great way to support my friend and work at home mom!! I will enjoy my 3 free months!
    Thanks again!
    If you have not joined fit2bus this a great time to do so and would make a great gift!

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