The One About Sex

This is a sensitive topic, so I decided to seek out the only author whose book I have ever read cover to cover and whose research and words have truly helped my marriage. Turns out, she’s also been ready by my whole team! Meet Sheila Gregoire, author of The Great Sex Rescue, She Deserves Better, and many other marvels that have helped women sort out their sexual traumas, intimacy issues, pelvic pain, and more! In this podcast, we discuss many MANY things that play into sexual health including fitness, pelvic floor strength, sleep, medical history, past traumas, religious views, and yet we keep it PG-13 so that most audiences can listen. No matter what you’ve gone through sexually, you’ll want to tune into this episode of Fit2B Radio to learn some super insightful research and insights that will help you heal, process, and proceed to redefine how you approach and view sex.

Visit Sheila’s Website: Bare Marriage (originally To Love, Honor, and Vacuum)

Get Sheila’s book ‘The Great Sex Rescue’ on Amazon

Get Sheila’s book ‘She Deserves Better’ on Amazon

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