The One About Farming

No farm? No problem! Come along with us as we interview Kate Schat, founder of “Venison For Dinner” and one of Beth’s favorite homesteaders to follow on social media. Wait, what does farming have to do with women’s core fitness? Well, maybe you didn’t know this, but Beth has a farm herself. The physical work and activity that farming offers is multi-faceted, but Beth is more of a hobby farmer with a lot of blueberries and barn cats, while Kate has homesteading down to an approachable science. Kate is to farming what Beth is to fitness. Her down-to-earth demeanor and advice for those who don’t even have farms but might want to start a garden on their balcony is brilliant and inspiring. We’ll be shocked if you aren’t at least digging in some dirt or considering buying a cow after this fun episode about farm life and fitness. Scroll down to watch the video version of this episode!

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1 thoughts on “The One About Farming

  1. Julia Irvin says:

    I LOVED this episode! I have followed Kate from Venison for Dinner for years and have received so much encouragement from her and from Beth also, so to see them both on the podcast together was a special treat!

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