The Benefits Of Online Fitness

In Defense of Those Who Exercise at Home - - #diastasisrecti #tummysafe #pelvicfloor #core #corestregthening #avoidpeeingonyourself #abgap #postpartum

Are you unable or unwilling to join a gym right now? Hey, I get it. I live pretty far from any good gyms myself, plus I’d rather work out at home. Have you been looking for  fun ways to stay in shape at home, either by yourself or with your whole family? But then you’ve gone on Youtube looking for free workout videos, only to be overwhelmed by the pro-pretenders, ads, chaos, poorly executed exercises, horrible cueing (or no cues), lack of oversight, and even downright indecency?

Working out at home with online fitness videos can be an excellent alternative to gym workouts, but it’s hard to find quality workout videos with well taught exercises, modifications for every need, and what about stuff for the kids? Not only is working out at home a great, green way to get in shape, but it can also help promote quality family time. Here on Fit2B we have been filming fitness workout videos since 2010, and we’ve honed in on 4 benefits of doing online, streaming fitness at home with your family.

Of course, as the founder of one of the world’s premiere home fitness providers, I’m a bit biased. I’ll straight up own that, but…. I still think working out at home is the bees knees, and let me tell you why!

Here are 4 benefits of online fitness

When you choose to take advantage of an affordable online workout provider like Fit2B, the pros definitely outweighs the cons in 4 key ways:

1. It’s more convenient

One clear benefit of using online workout videos is that they’re more convenient than going to the gym. Taking up exercise can be a daunting task for many people. Fortunately, with Fit2B home workout videos, you don’t have to leave your house or spend money on expensive gym memberships. All you need is access to the internet and some space within your home. You can set up a comfortable corner or room where you and your family can exercise together, without having to worry about getting out of the house or fighting traffic.

Fit2B Creates a Home Circuit Workout

2. It’s cost-effective

Another benefit of using online fitness videos at home with your family is that it will save you money… Unless you start buying big, fancy equipment. However, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need any expensive equipment or machines; all you need is enough space and an internet connection. There are numerous free resources here on Fit2B for you to explore, and I’m literally famous for showing you how to use what you have on hand, like canned goods, bags, or buckets! Our members enjoy our low, affordable rates with no hidden fees! You and your family can get a great deal on home fitness without any hassle while getting into great shape!

3. It facilitates amazing connections

I don’t mean your internet connection. I mean the one your brain has with your body, and the one you have with others in your home! Doing home workout videos together as a family is a great way for everyone to bond over something healthy and productive. Our interesting, creative workouts are sure to get everyone laughing and having fun! Enjoying physical activities together helps strengthen bonds between parents and children. Plus there are hundreds of workout options on Fit2B that are suitable for different age groups and abilities. Everyone can join in the fun and pick what they want to do by themselves, too, regardless of their physical capabilities!

4. It has a domino effect, leading to more healthy choices!

Working out at home, by yourself or with your family or roommates promotes other healthy habits like being good stewards of the Earth’s resources and making more nutritious food choices. From an environmental perspective, online fitness is more “green” – like, you don’t need to drive anywhere – plus it encourages the eating of more greens. When you know you’re working towards something, you’re more likely to eat healthier foods rather than indulging in junk food. By the way: Eating carbs + protein (a.k.a. an “E Meal” if you’re on THM) after a workout makes for a nutritious meal that gives everyone more energy for the rest of their day. 

In Defense of Those Who Exercise at Home - - #diastasisrecti #tummysafe #pelvicfloor #core #corestregthening #avoidpeeingonyourself #abgap #postpartum

Did you know that Fit2B is 99% paper free? We are totally digital except for filing our taxes, offering handouts at Beth’s rare in-person events, and those notes she hangs on the camera when we film… LOL!

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Have you tried online fitness workout videos at home with your family? What benefits have you noticed when it comes to working out at home? Have you observed the convenience, affordability, bonding opportunities, and promoting other healthy home habits? How about how it’s more environmentally conscious, too?

Speaking of being GREEN … have you heard about our Green Color Series of workouts?

Online Fitness Videos with Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired and Parents of Napping Children - - Fit2B knows moms have different needs and some of those needs require closed captions. Whether you have hearing loss, are hard of hearing, or are exercising during naptime and need to keep the volume down, we've got your back! Because fitness and exercise, especially the kind that helps women rebuild their cores after diastasis recti, should be accessible whether you can hear, are deaf, or have other needs. #fit2b #diastasis #diastasisrecti #deafawareness #exercise #fitness #closedcaptions
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