3 ways to use your stairs for home workouts + 3 workouts

Stair Stretches: Exercise Routine with stretching you can do on your stairs, sitting down and shifting one step and one stretch at a time - fit2b.com

Have you ever eyeballed your stairs at home and wondered if you could use them for a workout? Maybe you’ve even walked or jogged up and down them a few times – or tried a few jumps – but then you weren’t sure about safety, or you got bored of endless stair laps.

Maybe your bladder leaked when you did those jumps, but you sure wish you could figure out how to use your steps in some way because it would be a lot easier than loading everyone up for a trip to the germy gym. Well, if you want some ideas for ways to use your steps or stairs at home (all you need is a few, not necessarily a whole flight) then just keep reading!

Quick Note: Sorry for the little crackle in that video. One of our kids was fooling around in the background. I’m sure you can relate. It kinda sounds like someone is clicking at their horse to get it to canter, but we promise there were no horses on the set + our workout videos don’t contain any such distractions. Now, moving on…

3 ways to exercise with your stairs 

If you don’t have access to the 3 Fit2B workout videos that we professionally filmed on our stairs (more to come) you can still do some awesome things while you decide if you want to invest in a Fit2B membership. 

Take them 2 at a time

Big steps recruit your gluteal muscles and can actually be easier on some knees than taking the stairs one at a time because they position the ankle over the knee better and force you to use bigger muscles.

Set up a mini-circuit

Place a set of weights at the top of your steps and put another set at the bottom. When we say “weights” on Fit2B, we mean anything from dumbbells to canned goods to a matching set of pumpkins… whatever you have that weighs something that you’re able to grip and comfortably lift and move. Do a set of bicep curls at the bottom, set them down, walk up the steps, do a set of shoulder presses, walk down, do a set of squats with the weights, walk up, do a set of lunges, repeat…

Sit down and stretch on your stairs

That’s actually how our Stair Stretches video routine was invented: One day after many trips up and down our stairs, I sat down and stretched. Then I shifted down a step and did another stretch, then I shifted down again and did another… Then I realized I should write down what I was doing, so I did and kept perfecting it until the series of movements was ready for professional filming for our members in 40 countries worldwide

8-min Stair Stretches 27-Min Stair Intervals 5-Min Stair Workout

The 3 workouts linked through those buttons offer clear cues for safety while you workout on the stairs, and we specialize in exercises for Diastasis Recti here on Fit2B so you’ll also get core-aware cues in those workouts as well. Obviously, you need to be careful and not wear socks on slippery wood or wet steps, and you’re responsible for your personal safety & environment, but we believe you can use your stairs to workout on your own or with our videos very easily right there at home. 

What are your thoughts on this?

Have you tried any of our 3 exercise videos that utilize your stairs for working out? We’ve had the two shorter ones as weekly samples in our weekly news & moves post, so if you’d like to try them or any of our other workouts, be sure you’re signed up for our newsletter! Have you ever used your stairs to workout? What advice can you offer? 

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